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Oct 27, 2012

Dusk & Dawn at UAE's Best Private Beach

"Immerse yourself in the waves of the Arabian Gulf or take a romantic stroll on the gorgeous white sand. Unforgettable moments only a few steps away from your room."  

-quoted from Kempinski Hotel Ajman's Website-

Prior our overnight stay,  I checked Kempinski Hotel Ajman's website to know more about the leisure facilities. I saw that description I quoted and a line which says "Best Private Beach in the UAE". I said to myself, "for real? hmmm, marketing strategy perhaps!" 
The day of our getaway at Kempinski came. We were assisted to our room, and while in the hallway, the lady told us that we will be staying in a nice sea view room. I didn't care about what she said. The moment we went inside the room, I took a peek at the glassdoor. For a moment, I was in a state of shock... a good kind of shock! 
Preview of UAE's best private beach

The tranquil blue waters and beautiful white sand were waving hello to me! I was in awe. That was the best view I have ever seen in UAE.  
Kempinski Hotel Ajman view of the beach from terrace

Ed and I spent some time in the terrace just looking at the breathtaking view. 
We waited for the temperature to drop and went to the beach an hour before sunset. 

Terrace at Kempinsky Hotel Ajman

The beach was gorgeous! The powdery white sand matches Kempinski's white facade. 
The atmosphere was fun, but still calm and relaxing. We rested in a beach hut with loungers, went for a swim and watched the sun setting down. 

Kempinsky Hotel Ajman's beach

Clear water at UAE's best private beach

Sunset at Kempinski's private beach was stunning! The golden sun rays reflected at the beach, making the white sand glow and the ambiance more romantic. 

Sunset at UAE's best private beach

Sunset at Kempinski Hotel Ajman

evening at UAE's best private beach

The morning after, we were the first guests to arrive at the beach. We had our alarm set at 6:00 am! The fresh morning air, serene waters and the magnificent sunrise were worth the early wake-up call. 

Sunrise at Kempinski Hotel Ajman

Because we were the only guests at the beach, I had the chance to jump from one cabana to another, checking which one is the most comfortable. =)

at_the_beach of Kempinski Hotel Ajman

cabana at UAE's best private beach

Lady at the UAE's best private beach

And I also did some sweet and cheesy writings on the sand! Hahaha! 

lady_at_the_beach in Kempisnki Hotel Ajman

Aside from the powdery sand and cool, clear waters, what I also like was the sight of marine life.  

tiny crab at UAE's best private beach
tiny crab

Seashells at UAE's best private beach
seashells on the seashore

We had a fantastic time at the beach. While basking under the sun, I remembered the description at the website. I realized that was not a lie or a marketing write-up, the best private beach in United Arab Emirates is surely at Kempinski Hotel Ajman!

lady_and_ed at UAE's best private beach

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