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Oct 10, 2013

Stars'N'Bars: A Hip and Unique Restaurant in Yas Island

When Ed and I decided to spend a night in Yas Island, I immediately looked for a place to eat and I had several options. We can dine in hotel restaurants, but that also means we need to splurge. We can also grab a cheap meal in Ikea, but a food court meal isn't really suitable for Ed's pre-birthday dinner. So, we decided to go somewhere in between. 

Stars'N'Bars in Yas Marina is a branch of a popular bar/restaurant in Monaco. It offers affordable American cuisine and great entertainment facilities. It sits right next to the yacht club, located just a few minutes away from we stayed.    

Stars N Bars at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi

On the eve of Ed's birthday, we went to Stars'N'Bars just as planned. Since it is a licensed restaurant that serves alcohol, the staff at the front door asked for my Emirates ID. Grrr! It happens all the time! For the nth time, I didn't know if I should be overwhelmed or be annoyed  that still I look like a teenage girl! When I handed it over, I got the common "Whoa! 1982?" reaction. To avoid long conversation, a smile was my only reply. I always have to stop myself from blurting, "Oh Yes! I am an adult woman. I am married. And it's not fake!"

Anyhow, as soon as we went in, we chose to sit in a quiet semi-private booth that seems to be a golf hole. There are jerseys on display and the couches beside our table are race car seats. Stars'N'Bars is hip, sporty and unique!  

semi-private dining area at Star N Bars Yas Island

race cars seats at Stars N Bars Yas Island

After browsing the menu, we decided that it would be another 'Pizza Night'. We chose the S'n'B Royal pizza and a platter of tapas (starters). While waiting for our dinner, Ed's glass of Heineken, my bottle of Acqua Panna and a basket of complimentary bread were brought to our table. I love the balsamic and olive oil dip that came along with the bread. I always prefer it over butter! 

Heineken at Stars N Bars Yas Island

complimentary bread at Stars N Bars Yas Island

The Tapas were served just as soon as we consumed the bread sticks. It is a massive plate of appetizers; onion rings, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, fried jalapeno and buffalo wings. The sumptuous starters were served with four varieties of dips; ranch, salsa, BBQ sauce and honey mustard.     

a platter of Tapas at Stars N Bars Yas Island

We were busy munching and dipping the tapas when our pizza was delivered. The moment I saw the pizza, I realized that we ordered too much! The S'n'B Royal is a large pizza topped with pepperoni, turkey ham, roast beef, veggies, mozzarella and guess what?... a fried egg!!!  

SNB Royal Pizza at Stars N Bars Yas Island

We were fully satisfied with the Tapas. All were deliciously crunchy and the dips were good. I just couldn't find something unique in them though. The S'n'B Royal, on the other hand, is a fine choice. The first thing that I looked for was the fried egg. The wait staff told me that it's buried under the thick layer of cheese. So, I dissected my first slice, but I still couldn't find it! However, I definitely knew there's one when I took a bite. It gave the pizza a unique flavor; 'The Something Different' that I was searching for.         

Lady at Stars N Bars Yas Island

We spent a couple of minutes at Yas Marina after dinner. It has a great view of Yas Viceroy Hotel across the yacht club. We watched the marvelous LED lights glitter under the dark sky. It was a perfect location to cap off our date night.
Yas Viceroy across Stars N Bars

The Bill:
S'n'B Royal Pizza: 61 AED
Tapas: 65 AED
Heineken-Draft: 35 AED
Acqua Panna: 18 AED

Yas Marina
Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

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