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May 12, 2014

Oman: The Enchanting Bimmah Sinkhole

I listened to a full Arabic conversation between an Omani taxi driver and my Filipino Arabic-speaking friends. I didn't understand a single word. All I know was they were trying to convince him to take us to a sinkhole and a wadi in the middle of the Hajar Mountains. I thought it was nearly impossible to hire a city cab for an unusual out of town trip, but then my awesome friends managed to close a 50 Omani Rial deal with a local driver. 

Just as planned, we jumped in our hired cab at 2 pm and embarked on a scenic road trip. Armed with a GPS and an Arabic speaking tongue, my friend B, sat on the front seat and helped our cab driver find the way. I lounged comfortably at the back seat with Ed, H and a bag of cheesy tortilla chips. It was a long drive, butt-numbing and eye-popping at same time! We traveled on concrete roads built in the middle of picturesque rocky valleys and after almost two hours, we finally reached our first destination... the enchanting Bimmah Sinkhole.      

Bimmah Sinkhole in Oman

Hawiyat Najm Park
Our cab driver pulled over at the signage that says Hawiyat Najm Park and parked beside the 4x4s that must have been fresh from off-road adventures. When we entered the gates, I found the public park very unassuming. It is only equipped with plain gazebos, old playground, toilets and not-so manicured lawns. Kept within the gates of the public park is a mysterious tourist destination that made the stop over worthwhile.

Sinkhole Park in Oman
 A quick stop in Bimmah Sinkhole must be included in every Muscat -Sur road trip.
with my friends H and B at Hawiyat Najm Park in Bimmah, Oman
gazebo at Hawiyat Najm Park
picnic spot in the midst of the Hajar Mountains 

Bimmah Sinkhole
Based on a local legend, a meteor fell in the city of Bimmah in Northern Oman eons of years ago. Thus, the alleged meteor crash site is now called Hawiyat Najm Park (in English: Meteor Fall Park). I was gullible enough to believe in the legend, until we saw the attraction up close. My bubble burst when my husband said that it was created by a natural process of erosion most likely.

Whatever the cause is, Bimmah Sinkhole is a mysterious sight to behold! A stairway was built from the mouth of the crater-like formation to the clear emerald blue waters. The natural pool has turned into a swim park and the rock layers surrounding it served as a diving board to some.  

Bimmah Sinkhole in Oman
clear emerald blue waters of Bimmah Sinkhole... Enticing, isn't it?
Ed and Lady in Bimmah Sinkhole
stairway to the sinkhole
swimming and diving in Bimmah sinkhole
sinkhole turned into a natural waterpark

The waters are bewildering! Ed and our friend B immediately took a dip as they had their swimming attire ready underneath their casual clothes. Lucky guys!  As there are no changing rooms nearby, H and I looked at them with envy and just settled with some photo sessions with the awesome rock formation as the backdrop. Ed said the water is brackish, so we guess there's a connection to the ocean somewhere. He couldn't tell how deep it is, but we're pretty sure it is deep enough for cliff diving.

clear brackish waters of Bimmah Sinkhole
clear brackish waters of Bimmah Sinkhole
rock layers of Bimmah Sinkhole
The rock layers served as a diving board to the thrill seekers. See a diver up there?
swimmers at Bimmah Sinkhole
the guys having the time of their lives

We spent a little less than 30 minutes at Bimmah Sinkhole as we need to reach Wadi Shab before sundown. Actually, the guys only enjoyed the water for 15 minutes or so. It was the climb going up that consumed some of our time. Clearly, my body is not made for climbing steep stairs. Halfway up, I sat on the steps and chased my breath. The spectacular Bimmah Sinkhole took my breath away, both literally and figuratively! :)

Sinkhole in Oman

Bimmah Sinkhole
Hawiyat Najm Park
No entrance fee!

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