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May 17, 2014

Oman: Road Trip, Boat Ride and Jump Shots in Wadi Shab

I was captivated by the beauty of Oman the moment we reached the border. The magnificent Hajar Mountains line the concrete roads and loom over the towns. It was the most gratifying sight for someone who needed a vacation outside the city of megastructures. So, when a friend asked if Ed and I are willing to go on an adventure and swim in the natural water pools of Wadi Shab, Hajar Mountains' best kept attraction, we immediately gave it a go! 

Wadi Shab in Oman

Right after a refreshing stopover in Bimmah Sinkhole, we continued our GPS-guided road trip to Wadi Shab. Since it was also our cab driver's first journey to Sur, he was just as mesmerized as we were that we all failed to notice the signage and the left-turn to our destination. We only realized that we took the wrong way when we passed the flyover above Wadi Shab's entrance. The nearest interchange was a bit far, hence the drive back consumed a lot of our limited time. It was half past four when we reached Wadi Shab's parking space. We promised our cab driver that we will be back in an hour while rushing to the small lake between the rocky mountains!

taxi ride to Wadi Shab
off Wadi Shab in a cab
road trip from Muscat to Wadi Shab
breathtaking scenery on the way to Sur

We walked along the lake toward the mountain and met stray goats; one even showed off some rock climbing skills! It was an "only in Oman" moment, hence I stopped to watch the mountain goat jump from one rock layer to another. 

mountain goat in Wadi Shab
mountain goat in Wadi Shab

There is a lake in between Wadi Shab's parking area and hiking area. Small motorized boats transport visitors from one side to another for 1 OMR/person. The boatman said that the last boat going back is at 5:30pm. It was nearly 5pm, but we couldn't just leave without seeing what's on the other side. We decided to proceed with the boat ride though our limited time surely wouldn't suffice the hike to the natural water pools.  

motor boat in Wadi Shab Oman
a small motor boat transports visitors to the hiking area  
boat ride in Wadi Shab
the latecomers :) 
hiking area in Wadi Shab
hike starts here
hiking to the natural pools of Wadi Shab
Most of the daytrippers were on there way back when we arrived! 

After a few minutes, we called off the hike and accepted the fact that we couldn't see the hidden gems of Wadi Shab that afternoon. Yes, we missed the main goal of our road trip, yet I wouldn't consider it as a misadventure. Walking in the rocky pathway in between the Hajar Mountains and being with great friends still made me jump for joy. And so, we capped our Wadi Shab trip with jump shots and a promise to be back on winter.    

jumping for joy in Wadi Shab Oman
 jumping in delight with friends
one crazy jump shot in Wadi Shab
A fight scene? Nah! It's just an awesome jump shot by B and Ed! ;)

Wadi Shab
along Quriyat-Sur Highway
Taxi Rental for Bimmah Sinkhole/Wadi Shab trip from Muscat: 50 OMR

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