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May 26, 2014

Oman: Seafood Dinner at Fish Village

For our foodie adventure in Muscat, Ed and I only had two goals in mind; to have a taste of traditional Omani cuisine and to savour the freshest seafood in the city that was once a humble fishing village. To tick off our goal #2, our friends recommended a simple seafood restaurant that they have discovered recently. They have been talking about Happy Nest Coffee Shop and Fish Village for several days. I was really curious as I have never heard or read anything about the said place before. It's not on Tripadvisor's top ten but left a great impression on my friends' palates, so it could be worth a try. 

Fish Village seafood restaurant Muscat

We went to Fish Village Seafood Restaurant on our second night in Muscat. It is an eating place I might have overlooked if not for my friends. The dusty furniture along the street could have turned me off if I wasn't told that they serve fresh, delicious and cheap seafood! There is an indoor seating, yet the weather was quite suitable for casual dining under the stars, so we settled in a bench outside.

outdoor seating in Fish Village Seafood Restaurant
casual Al fresco dining in Fish Village 
indoor seating in Fish Village Seafood Restaurant
Fish Village Seafood Restaurant's simple dining area 

Ed and I took my friends' recommendations. We asked for mint and lemon juice, seafood platter and red rice. The juices were served first with a complimentary plate of vegetable slices. I found the presentation amusing; quite odd as the beverage look exactly like a green-colored beer with froth and all! Despite the weirdness, I was totally delighted to its taste! The mint and lemon juice is very refreshing, with a subtle blend of citrus and minty flavours. 

beverages and complimentary salad
the green coolers and a complimentary plate of vegetables
Lady and Ed in Fish Village Seafood Restaurant
Toast to a wonderful night in Muscat!

Then, the seafood platter was served. It is a huge plate of grilled prawns, hammour, squid and fries; great for two people to share! The prawns taste fantastic. The fresh and juicy meat were sealed under the shell! The squid and hammour are lightly coated in flavorful batter with a little spice that doesn't overpower the seafood taste. All went so well with the perfectly seasoned red rice.    

Seafood Platter in Fish Village Seafood Restaurant
Seafood Platter: prawns, squid and hammour served with fries
Red Rice in Fish Village Seafood Restaurant
well-seasoned Red Rice
seafood dinner in Fish Village Seafood Restaurant
fun dining with friends at Fish Village Seafood Restaurant

While having a superb seafood dinner, I realized that Fish Village is not just another restaurant along the road. It is definitely a must-try! Dinner was so fun and very affordable that I wanted to come back for more! 

Fish Village Seafood Restaurant
beside Happy Nest Coffee Shop
Al Khuwair, Muscat

 Our dinner for four (2 seafood platters, 1 red rice, 4 drinks) costs 20 OMR.
(1 Omani Rial is around 9.5 UAE Dirham)

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