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May 22, 2014

Oman: The Remarkable Royal Opera House Muscat

At the break of dawn, Royal Opera House Muscat glistened under the dark grey sky. The stunning pearly white structure caught my attention while Ed and I were in a private car heading to a friend's home. Fresh from a sleepless inter-country bus ride, I was already half asleep, but Royal Opera House's magnificence was enough to wake me up. I was in awe. So, on the same day, right after I had my beauty rest, Royal Opera House Muscat was our first stop during our Muscat city tour.      

Royal Opera House Muscat

The Royal Opera House in Muscat is a venue of cultural events and world renowned performances. The marvelous structure possesses classic Omani architecture and traditional charm. It was built on the order of Sultan Qaboos, the Ruler of Oman, for the love of arts and music. I heard there is a daily house tour in the morning, but we missed it! During our visit, around four in the afternoon, the theater is not open for sightseeing. The doors were only opened during an event and only ticket holders were allowed to go in. Though I haven't seen the enthralling interior, I was still mesmerized by Royal Opera House's classic beauty outside.  

Royal Opera House Muscat exterior
prime venue of art and music events in Muscat
Lady in Royal Opera House Muscat
at the courtyard of Muscat's iconic structure 

Other than the musical venue, there is also the Opera Galleria; a home to fine restaurants and cultural retail shops. Royal Opera House Galleria is open to the public. Though under dressed in jeans and flats, we didn't miss the opportunity to see what's in store.

Opera Galleria in Royal Opera House Muscat
The Opera Galleria
cultural retail shops in Opera Galleria
cultural retail shops in Opera Galleria

Opera Galleria's atmosphere matches Royal Opera House's elegant exterior. It is a sophisticated shopping destination, hence we settled with window shopping. We went inside a boutique that sells exquisite Omani handicrafts; the products were exceptional (as well as the prices). We also made a quick stop in a store of fine Omani dates, not for our palates but just for our eyes to see.
shopping and dining destination in Royal Opera House Muscat
an elegant shopping and dining destination
Omani handicrafts in Royal Opera House Muscat
outstanding Omani handicrafts
fine Omani dates in Royal Opera House Muscat
luxurious boxes of fine Omani dates

We had a worthwhile stop at the Royal Opera House Muscat. I'd love to witness a world class performance in the grandiose theater next time, and if that happens, I must ditch the jeans and flats for dress and stilettos! There is a strict dress code policy; men should be in suits and ladies should be in modest dress. For more information, show schedule and ticket prices, please visit Royal Opera House Muscat's official website.

Royal Opera House Muscat
Shati Al Qurum district
Muscat, Oman

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