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Oct 16, 2014

How to Get an Indian Tourist Visa on Arrival for Filipinos

As of February 2015, Indian Visa on Arrival should be processed online! Please check the application process here: Indian Tourist Visa on Arrival.

We have just returned from Incredible India! :)

Ed and I, together with two of our friends, went on a Golden Triangle tour. I can't wait to blog about the memorable, mind-boggling and life-changing trip. But before anything else, let me first share how we applied and successfully secured our Indian Tourist Visa on Arrival at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.

flight from Dubai to New Delhi
from DXB to DEL

After a smooth three-hour flight from Dubai via IndiGo, we arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3 ten minutes earlier than expected. New Delhi's airport is clean, well-designed and very organized; definitely beyond my expectations! 

With high hopes that we can immediately leave the airport and head straight to a restaurant for a good dinner, we hurriedly went to the Passport Control counters and looked for the Visa on Arrival services. 

Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3
the mudras (hand gestures) at Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3

We found the Visa on Arrival service behind the escalator, a few steps away from the first passport control counter. Unfortunately, there was already a huge group of tourists when we arrived, hence it took us more than an hour to get our visa stamp.    

Visa on Arrival at Indira Gandhi International Airport
Indian Visa on Arrival applicants at Indira Gandhi International Airport 

Tourist Visa on Arrival is only granted to citizens of eleven countries; the Philippines included. I filled out an application form and had all my important documents ready; a disembarkation or arrival card for foreigners, a passport copy and a passport size photo

Ed and I also prepared some supporting documents just in case we will be questioned about our short trip. We prepared copies of our UAE residence visas, the booking status and invoice from the travel agency, and a copy of our return trip ticket. For financial standing, we also printed our 2 months bank statement.

documents for Indian Visa on Arrival application
important documents for Indian Visa on Arrival application 

When my turn came, the officer asked for my passport with the Visa application form, the arrival card, a passport copy and a photo. No questions and no additional documents were asked! The Visa on Arrival fee was at 60 USD. I was given the option to pay in Indian Rupees, in US Dollars, or in credit card. Since I have read in some blogs that using the card or paying in dollars usually cause delays, I paid in rupees. 60 USD was equivalent to 3,700 INR on that day. 

Eventually, paying in Indian Rupees pleased the officer. I immediately got my passport stamped with a 30-day single entry tourist visa! 

The wait was long, but it was that easy!

Indian Visa on my Philippine passport
Yey! I got the Indian Visa stamp on my Philippine passport. :)

Based on our experience, here are the documents required for Indian Tourist Visa on Arrival application for Philippine Passport holders:

* Passport (minimum of 6 months validity)
* 1 passport copy
* 1 recent photo with white background (passport size or 2x2)
* Application Form from the Visa on Arrival counter
* Arrival Card given by the flight attendant inside the aircraft
* Fee: 60 USD or equivalent amount in Indian Rupees

The single entry visa is only valid for 30 days and can only be granted twice in a year for foreigners. For the complete listing of eleven nationalities that can obtain Indian Tourist Visa on Arrival and the list of airports wherein the visa can be granted, please visit the official website of Consulate General of India in Dubai.  

Indira Gandhi International Airport
Terminal 3
New Delhi, India

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