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Oct 29, 2014

India: Overnight Stay in Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport

After receiving a very warm Namaste from our travel agent at Indira Gandhi International Airport, we were instantly whisked to Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport. The hotel stay is included in our tour package, so I never really bothered to do some extensive research. All I know is that we're booked for a night in a trendy hotel chain for the budget-conscious travelers who are not willing to sacrifice comfort. That's so us! :)

Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport in Delhi Aerocity
Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport in Delhi Aerocity

The Location and The Atmosphere
In terms of location and comfort, I found Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport a wonderful choice. The hotel is conveniently situated inside the airport premises known as Delhi Aerocity, only a 3-minute drive from the airport terminal. Coming from a medium-haul flight and a long wait for the Visa on Arrival, it's good to be immune from the bumper-to-bumper traffic that Delhi is famous for on our first night in India. 

Before entering Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport's lobby, our luggage went under the x-ray machine and we were body scanned. It took a few minutes, but it was absolutely fine with me for the sake of safety. The lobby is spacious, minimally furnished yet stylish; just what I expected it to be.

Although the check-in process was a breeze and the staff were very polite, I was quite upset when I was informed that our rooms are located in a smoking floor. Unfortunately, all rooms at the non-smoking area were occupied and we were left without a choice. :(

Ibis New Delhi's simple yet pleasant lobby
Ibis New Delhi's simple yet pleasant lobby
a dose of sunshine inside Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport
a dose of sunshine inside the hotel

The Standard Room
For non-smokers, cigarette odor is a major pet peeve. Good thing, no traces of cigar smoke can be smelled in the hallway and in our rooms. Ed and I occupied a standard room with a window view of nothing but another building! We'll that's what we paid for. Heh. :) 

Anyhow, our room in Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport had all the essentials; cozy queen size bed with fresh white linens, compact bathroom with a set of clean white towels and complimentary WiFi access. Yay for the free WiFi! Heheh. There's also has a coffee and tea making facility and an LCD TV which we never got to use as we had to commence our Golden Triangle tour at nine in the morning the next day.

our private nook in New Delhi
our private nook in New Delhi / the lovely bouquet was from my husband (in partnership with our travel agent)

Hotel toiletries are my simple pleasures. So, I was a little sad when I only found a tube of 2 in 1 hair and body wash and a soap bar in the bathroom. But then again, I had to remind myself that we were not in a multi-star hotel and we didn't pay that much. 

I knew I'd feel totally okay after a much-needed hot shower, but it was another sad news. The water heater wasn't working well during our stay. I hate broken water heaters! I was so tired to call and complain, hence I endured the cold bath... twice! On the bright side, having a squeaky clean en-suite bathroom made my day A-Okay! 

Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport's extra compact bathroom
the extra compact bathroom / Can you spot the 2 in 1 hair and body wash?

The Food: In-Room Dining and Breakfast Buffet
Since it was already late when we arrived, my friends and I decided to have our dinner in their room. We wanted to steer away from any hassle, eat as quickly as we can and rest! However, some things didn't go quite well. 

Firstly, there was a confusion with our orders. Secondly, the food tasted pretty average. It's actually a hit and a miss. I like my chicken sandwich, but not the Alfredo pasta as the sauce was a little bland. Thirdly, I wished I could say "we get what we paid for" again, but no, the taste just doesn't match the steep price tag. 

midnight dinner at Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport
our midnight dinner at Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport

Fortunately, the breakfast buffet at SPICE IT, the hotel's all day dining restaurant, was great! There was an array of International dishes and Indian cuisine, plus a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, bread and pastries. 

A plus point was the coffee machine where I got my aromatic cup of cappuccino with the push of a buttonSimple joys! In Filipino, mababaw ang kaligayan. Heheh! And as always, the best part of the buffet for me was the live-cooking station for omelettes and pancakes. All these breakfast goodness were served under a warm and wonderful ambiance that we all truly loved!

breakfast at Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport
happy brekkie at SPICE IT
live cooking station at Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport
One ham and cheese omelette and a pancakes please! :)
all day dining restaurant at Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport
Spice It: the all day dining restaurant at Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport

Our stay at Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport was pocket-friendly and comfy yet a little flawed. Yes, I shivered at the shower, loathed the pasta sauce, but when I checked the whole picture, I found so many reasons to smile and be thankful. And one of them is simply because I was in Incredible India! :)

Lady at Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport
a pleasant morning in India

Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport 
Delhi Aerocity
New Delhi, India

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