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Oct 26, 2014

The Vibrant BubblOrange Brunch at Centro Barsha

Orange is the color that represents energy, warmth and good health. That is probably the main reason why c.Taste restaurant in Centro Barsha was brimming with a lively ambiance during the BubblOrange Brunch

It was almost two in afternoon when Ed and I arrived. Very late and terribly hungry, I was glad to see warm smiles and hear boisterous laughs as we stepped inside the restaurant. My senses immediately feasted on everything orange; the zest of the fruit and the vibrancy of the hue. The high-spirited staff jumped from one table to another, delivering the best restaurant service I have experienced so far. The whole new brunch concept is a purveyor of happiness I must say!

BubblOrange Brunch  at Centro Barsha
BubblOrange Brunch  at Centro Barsha

The BubblOrange Brunch is not your ordinary weekend brunch! Chef Faiz and his team gave the well-loved free-flowing bubbly brunch a zesty makeover. Inspired by the little orange dot on Centro's logo, the chefs created a new menu focused on the color orange. The bold move turned out to be a unique, funky and very engaging brunch concept!    

a table of pastries, bread and cheese at the BubblOrange Brunch
a lively table of pastries, bread and cheese at the BubblOrange Brunch
BubblOrange Brunch buffet counter
live cooking pasta station and a selection of mains

We started our fun Friday brunch at the long counter of fresh and healthy starters. There were bite-size sandwiches, a salad bar and gourmet appetizers. Orange, both the color and the fruit were distinctly used in most dishes. All were presented beautifully and tasted really fresh. The hint of citrus was in fact energizing that I giddily made a beeline to that buffet section twice! 

Lady at BubblOrange Brunch in Centro Barsha
enjoying my time at the open buffet
appetizers at BubblOrange Brunch in Centro Barsha
Most choices have a touch of citrus! I love! 

One of the things that I adore with BubblOrange's concept is the selection of a signature a la carte dish. According to Chef Faiz, this is their move to help reduce food wastage. I think it's really wonderful as people, myself included, have the tendency to grab more than what we could eat when we are in an open buffet, most especially when we're hungry. And for me, there's nothing better than having a freshly-cooked, substantial portion of my preferred main dish!     

At the BubblOrange Brunch, a person gets only one signature dish. If the taste buds yearn for more, there's also a selection of mains and a live-cooking station for pasta at the open buffet.  

selection of signature dishes at BubblOrange Brunch
selection of signature dishes at BubblOrange Brunch

Ed chose to have the Orange and Pine nut Crust Salmon. The lovely fish dish was served on a layer of roasted honey glazed root vegetable drizzled with orange and tomato salsa! He excitedly invited me to have some as he said that he never tasted anything like it before. The subtle flavor of salmon was energized with the lightly sweetened vegetables and the tang of the citrus sauce.     

It's been a long time since I had duck meat, hence I was so happy when I saw the Honey and Orange glazed Duck Breast in the list of options. It was perfectly plated beside a roast butternut and turnip and a beet root pickle on top. The meat was so tender and went so well with my chosen reduction of balsamic sauce. My taste buds joyfully reacted to the blend of flavors. It's sweet, zesty and very savory!

Orange and Pine nut Crust Salmon at BubblOrange Brunch
Orange and Pine nut Crust Salmon
Honey and Orange Glazed Duck Breast at BubblOrange Brunch
Honey and Orange Glazed Duck Breast

The dessert station was cheery as well. There's an open buffet of sweets and a chocolate fountain! I had a small slice of orange cheesecake and two of the prettiest sweets in the array with a cup of green tea. 

While ending the liveliest brunch I've ever had, I couldn't help but smile. I was naturally high... on Vitamin C, on energy and on the goodness of life! 

dessert buffet at BubblOrange Brunch
dessert buffet at BubblOrange Brunch

BubblOrange Brunch Price: 115 AED (with softdrinks) / 185 AED (with house beverages)
Timings: every Friday from 12:30 to 4:00 pm

Centro Barsha
Al Barsha, Dubai
Contact # 04 704 0000
Nearest Metro Station: Sharaf DG (Red Line)

Disclosure: I was invited to try the BubblOrange Brunch at Centro Barsha. Although the brunch was complimentary, this post is sincerely written and all opinions are my own.  

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