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Oct 21, 2014

Chimes: Crab Fest and Dishes from the Far East

I love October! This time of the year is typically jampacked with awesomeness! :) Other than getting a year older and celebrating a journey to forever, October is filled with wonderful events. Just to name a few, there's the Oktoberfest funfair, the spooky Halloween parties and the annual Crab Fest at Chimes!  

For seafood lovers, Crab and Festival are two words that goes so well together. Think about succulent crab meat drizzled with scrumptious special sauce at a bargain price! So, the weekend after our short sweet escape in North India, Ed and I returned to Chimes; our crab haven in Al Barsha!

October Crab Fest 2014 at Chimes
October Crab Fest 2014 at Chimes

Chimes is a Far-Eastern restaurant serving the specialties of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam! It's quite small with less than ten tables and an open kitchen, but it's a cozy place to have the Asian comfort food that we all love! 

Chimes Far Eastern restaurant in Al Barsha
Chimes Far Eastern restaurant in Al Barsha

Service is always fast and friendly despite of having a throng of diners, A complimentary basket of prawn crackers was brought to our table as soon as we placed our order. Ed coated every crispy piece with chili sauce, while I had it bare. In that way, my fragile taste buds appreciated the prawn flavor more.  

Chimes complimentary prawn crackers
complimentary prawn crackers

Minutes later, our Mixed Seafood Soup and Vietnamese Rolls came. I enjoyed the fresh vegetables and prawns wrapped in rice paper rolls. It's yummy and oh so healthy! Guilt-free eating! :) We don't have a decent photo of the soup (hunger-induced blogger mistake), but we extremely loved it as well. The clear broth was loaded with seafood and egg noodles. One piping hot serving is a good meal starter for two hungry people!  

Chimes Fresh Vietnamese Style Rice Paper Rolls
Fresh Vietnamese Style Rice Paper Rolls

Supposedly, it was an all-seafood night, but I couldn't stop myself from having the Hainanese Chicken Rice. It is a Southeast Asian Classic dish that I fell in love with in Changi Airport. Chimes' recipe is quite different from what I had in Singapore. I still love it though. The chicken is light and flavorful, and it came with garlic rice, dipping sauces and clear chicken soup. 

Chimes Hainanese Chicken Rice
Hainanese Chicken Rice

Since we had the Singapore Chili Crab during our previous visit, we chose to have the Pepper Crab as our Crab Fest highlight this year. A staff gave us plastic aprons to use; a sign that it's gonna be a fun and messy dinner! :) Then, came in a pan is a medium size mud crab in thick pepper sauce! The crab meat under the hard shell was soft and delicate. It went perfectly well with the zesty sauce boosted with black pepper, chilli and ginger! Oh, Crab Fest fireworks in my mouth!  

Chimes Singapore Pepper Crab
Singapore Pepper Crab

At the end of the festivity, I had Mango Mania. It's a wonderful Asian dessert made of Mango puree, coconut cream and sago! The fruity and creamy concoction made me say "I like it!" in every spoonful. Ed laughed at me as he thought I was joking around before I shared a portion with him. Seriously, I really do like it! And I'll say it all over again if I must... I LIKE IT! :)  

Chimes Mango Mania
Mango Mania

*This October, Chimes offers the special crab dishes with steamed rice or mantou bread at 99 AED only; lesser than the festival price last year and of course way cheaper the regular menu price! 

*For the complete menu, timings, delivery and current promotions, please visit Chimes official website.
Seven Sands Hotel Apartments
Al Barsha, Dubai
Nearest Metro Station: Sharaf DG (Red Line)

Disclosure: I was invited to the Crab Fest at Chimes. Although the meal was complimentary, this post is sincerely written and all opinions are my own.  

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