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Nov 3, 2012

A Glimpse of the Past at Ajman Museum

I was not on my usual OC traveler mode last month. As I have shared on my previous post, I've been so forgetful, I left so many important stuff behind. Aside from that, I also failed to do my research on Ajman prior our trip! That was so not me! I wanted to go home with a piece of Ajman in my memory, apart from beach-bumming. 

On our way to the bus station from Kempinski Hotel, we passed by an eye-catching fortress. I have a great fascination for  castle-like structures! I asked the taxi driver what it was, he mumbled "Ajman Museum". He spoke so fast and in a low-toned voice, we didn't understood what he said at all. When we got nearer, I saw the signage which reads Ajman Museum. A fortress and a museum in one... it's a double delight for me! In a blink of an eye, we asked the driver to stop and we jumped off the cab. Midday, 38 degrees Celsius,  a spontaneous plan, a Museum... It was crazy, nerdy-kind of fun!

Ajman Museum

Ed and I went to ticket counter, paid the 5AED entrance fee per person, read some map and museum instructions. 

Ajman Museum map and tickets

Impromptu Tour! It's fun to go-with-the-flow sometimes.  
Here's a glimpse of Ajman's past at Ajman Museum:

ed and lady in Ajman Museum

Ancient Tombs at Ajman Museum
Our first stop: The Ancient Tombs
What a pleasant start!

Drawing Water at Ajman Museum
Al Yazra - drawing water from the well using animals

Canons at Ajman Museum
Canons near the museum's entrance

wooden boats at Ajman Museum
Wooden boats used in Pearling

Meeting Place at Ajman Museum
Al Majlis - Meeting Place

Wood Imprisonment at Ajman Museum
This looks sad!
Al Hatba - a type of wood for imprisonment

Mosque at Ajman Museum
a view with a Mosque

Fort at Ajman Museum
another view of the fort... lovely isn't it?

Spooky Place at Ajman Museum
We were the only visitors that time. It was good because we had enough
time to look around and take pictures, but it was really quiet... and spooky! 

bamboo Shed at Ajman Museum
a wax figure of an Al Merwi - person in charge of supplying water
and Ed getting some rest in a bamboo shed

Towers at Ajman Museum
one of the many towers 

Door at Ajman Museum
doors with  intricate details
Aside from being fascinated with Castles, I also love antique doors!

Room of_the Royalties at Ajman Museum
the room of the royalties
a list of the Royal family and some old photos

Treasure Chest at Ajman Museum
treasure chests and tea pots

Wax figures at Ajman Museum
wax figures wearing traditional clothing of Arabs

Women Accessories at Ajman Museum
Women can't live without accessories... even eons of years ago!

Education in_the past at Ajman Museum
 Al Muttawwa'a 
a section which shows Education in the past 

Wind Tower at Ajman Museum
Barjeel - Wind Tower
We have seen wind towers, but this was the first time that we were actually inside one.
The wind tower, also know as wind catcher, is a natural ventilation structure in buildings.  

Weapons at Ajman Museum
Weapons Section
Armors, daggers, pistols... everything looked familiar except for the odd looking
gun with 4 barrels.

Arabian House at Ajman Museum
Another exhibit of an Arabian Home

firsts at Ajman Museum
More towers, Ajman's first radio station, the Pearling room, a vintage car, and a
knight (not in shining armor)

Place of Rest at Ajman Museum
Areesh - a place of rest
I can't hardly believe that life in the UAE was this simple years ago.

Ajman Fort at Ajman Museum
The Ajman Fort was built with coral stones and gypsum.

Bar Code at Ajman Museum
This Museum which takes you to the past ironically have modern, techy features!
There are bar codes for smartphones in every section. Just scan the code with an iPhone
and voila... details about the section will appear on your screen!  

Working Hours at Ajman Museum
Ajman Museum working hours

The visit to Ajman Museum was unplanned, but it was definitely a significant part of our trip. Surprisingly, Ed wasn't bored. He actually found it fun and informative. I think I'll take him to Dubai Museum anytime soon! Adventure Buddies, Foodie Couple, Road Trippers and Beach Bummers turned into Museum Raiders! Not bad... not bad at all!

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