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Jan 2, 2013

Hello 2013!

Hey guys, Happy New Year! So, how did you welcome 2013? I hope you all had a blast just like I did! I gave 2013 a grand welcome in  the middle of a busy highway, strange but true! :) 

My husband and I had a good New Year's Eve dinner at Red Shrimp, a restaurant with a terrace, which I thought has a great view of the fireworks display at Burj Khalifa. We were surprised when we arrived at the table reserved for us; Burj Khalifa was nowhere in sight! There is a thick layer of glass blocking the view. Due to the zero visibility of the tower, we hurriedly went to the main road after dinner, 10 minutes before midnight, to see the annual fireworks show at the world's tallest. 

Lady New Year
In the middle of Trade Center Road, along with other people who were waiting
for the fireworks to start.

Red Shrimp Terrace
We were supposed to be up there (in that terrace after the green glass of the mall's facade). 

Ed and Lady
Selfie-time... our last one for 2012! 

Watching Fireworks Burj Khalifa
See that little red glitters? That's the fireworks bursting around Burj Khalifa! :)

Fireworks Burj Khalifa far
Another shot of the 4-minute long spectacular fireworks show.
I really think I should buy a better camera this year! :) 

New Year Photo from GulfNews
And because I want you to appreciate the fireworks display, which I know you really can't
on the photos that I took, here's a photo from www.gulfnews.com. You can also watch the video here

video shared from Dubai One

So long, 2012! Hello 2013!

P.S. Thank you for being with me last year; for reading my posts, for the comments and the emails. 
More travel tips, more foodie adventures and definitely more sweet escapes coming up! 

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