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Apr 30, 2013

Cebu Pacific: You say Dubai, I say Hello!

I'm the kind of woman who'd rather book a hotel stay than buy a gold necklace. I'd choose food in a fancy restaurant over a new pair of shoes. And I'd rather spend thousands for a plane ticket rather than a designer bag! :) But I'm no big spender! Most of the hotel stays, dine-outs and plane tickets were on promotional offers. I think that explains why I went crazy over Cebu Pacific Airline's "You say Dubai, I say Hello" advertisement. Who doesn't love cheap airfares? I was so overjoyed! I told everyone at work about it, shared the ad on my Facebook Timeline and I even sent a message to my mom!

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Cebu Pacific is known for seat sales and the famous "Piso Fare". The airline has made traveling easier and cheaper for Filipinos. I'm a big fan of budget traveling, but I also need comfort and safety especially on a long haul flight. I have been very curious about Cebu Pacific's Dubai-Manila flights, I'm pretty sure you are as well. Here are the information I've gathered so far:

The Plane
Cebu Pacific's Dubai-Manila flights will be operated on the Airbus A330-300 aircraft with a configuration of more than 400 all-economy class seats. Cebu Pacific will be utilizing a brand new plane for all Dubai-Manila flights. Guests can also enjoy WiFi connectivity in-flight.
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The Food
Passengers will be devouring sumptuous Filipino dishes in-flight. You can choose from Chicken Adobo, Chicken Barbecue, Bistek Tagalog or Beef Caldereta. That's a perfect start of your homecoming journey!
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The Journey
Cebu Pacific will operate direct daily flights between Dubai and Manila starting October 7, 2013. The airline will be the only Filipino carrier to fly direct to Dubai. Yay, no stop-overs! Daily flights from Manila to Dubai are scheduled to depart at 4:40PM (Manila time), while flights from Dubai to Manila depart at 11:10PM (Dubai time). 
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Now, who's excited? Picture me raising both my hands in the air! :) Hey, don't book your ticket yet. I know Cebu Pacific's Dubai-Manila airfare is cheapest one you can get, but you can have it for FREE! Cebu Pacific will be giving away 100 round trip tickets to 100 Filipinos in Dubai. Visit Cebu Pacific's Official Facebook Page and look of the "100 Lucky Juans" Facebook App, or you can click here. The "100 Lucky Juans" contest runs from May 13 to August 18, 2013. Join and be a UWInner!

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