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Feb 6, 2014

Bloggers in the City

On my first blog post for 2014, I wrote that I am bound to an extraordinary year. I just had a strong feeling that the next 364 days of my year will be as awesome as the first, and I think I got it right! Mid-January, I was invited to a Bloggers' Dinner hosted by Mitzie Mee and Pia. It was an event I was so thankful I didn't miss! As a one-year old Blogger, I have always felt that there's a thick wall between my real world and my Blog World! I love blogging, so I have been fighting with this 'shy little girl' in me who is often uncomfortable during media events, the one who is also afraid to be criticized by my peers because of sharing too much online. The thick wall, the shy little girl and the fear have to go and I somehow knew that being in that private Bloggers' event could help! 

During the meet-up, I finally had the chance to meet some of the people that I have been following and have been friends with in the Blogosphere! We had a wonderful feast at Pia's lovely home while we talked about our blogs, the technical stuff and even some personal issues that we are going through as a blogger! That night, I finally realized that I was never alone and that the nicest people I got to interact with online are indeed friendly and "real". Before the night ended, Mitzie Mee suggested that we should create a support group. It was the best thing I have ever heard! Being a blogger in a crazy big city, it is essential to be a part of a team, or shall I say a family, who can truly understand all the troubles and the fun!

The Bloggers in the City

Meet the Bloggers in the City
(from left to right in the photo)

Marianne is a lifestyle blogger at She often writes about her life as an Expat Mom. Though I have only met her at the event, her bright personality tells me that she is a cool mom and an awesome friend! :) Aside from blogging, she is also a journalist in women's magazines.

Kenneth is the great man behind Surat Journals and The Traveling Journal Project. I have stumbled upon his handmade journals on Instagram and followed his blog late last year. I honestly think that he is one of the best male bloggers in town! 

OMG! I have finally met The Pinay Flying High! Fangirl here! :) Noemi is a famous Filipino travel blogger based in Dubai, yet she remained very humble. I have always enjoyed reading her honest-to-goodness blog posts. I have also been checking her Instagram account daily for amazing travel photos!

Rachel is the expert in the Expat Life; a UAE resident since 1990! She went on a hiatus for quite some time and I am thrilled that she's finally back in blogging! I often learn a lesson or two from her musings and her frugal Expat lifestyle. She also blogs about food, design, travel and her cute little princess.   

Ida is the Fashion Guru! I adore her comfortable and classic fashion statements which perfectly depict her mantra "Buy Less, Wear More". During the event, she revealed that her awesome outfits photos that seemed to be from a professional photographer's lens were in fact taken by her children! Amazing! 

I met Sanne in an event last September 2013. She writes about lifestyle, travel and food. I look up to her as a mentor. She's always ready to give a helping hand, always willing to share what she knows. Sanne is definitely one of the nicest and smartest bloggers in town! 

I have known Pia through Mitzie Mee's blog posts, but it was only during the dinner that I got to meet her in person. She ushered us in her abode and was a very accommodating host! She often writes about her lovely family and their expat life in the UAE.

For sure, this isn't my first and last post about new found family, the Bloggers in the City! I'm looking forward to more meet-ups and media events with these amazing bloggers! 

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