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Feb 3, 2014

Fondue Fun at St. Moritz Cafe

A couple of weeks back, while I was planning where to spend the usual Fri-date, I browsed through my Entertainer 2014 books and turned to my husband every time there's something interesting. On that chilly afternoon, I was thinking about comfort food in a perk-me-up place! I found a Manga-inspired sushi restaurant where Ed can get his Naruto-fix and I can have Japanese rolls, but still, it was a 'No' from him! No to Naruto? That's a first! So, I went through the books again and we finally agreed on a venue that perfectly suites the sweater weather!

We decided to spend our weekend night at St. Moritz Cafe, a casual dine-out spot patterned like a restaurant in a fancy ski resort. The restaurant has tall glass windows offering a good view of Ski Dubai and a fake fireplace that boosts the classic Swiss Alps ambiance. 

St. Moritz Cafe at Mall of the Emirates

To have the ultimate Alpine-themed date night, we chose a table by the glass window. With that good spot, I was torn between the view and the menu. The view of the snow slopes and the children running around the snow park made me feel I was in a Ski Resort and not in a shopping mall! I realized I was too caught up with daydreaming when I heard my husband's voice, asking what shall I have. I was stuck for quite some time on a page that says "Mountain Specials", but I guess, I was on the right page for the longest time. There I found the exact dish I needed for my make-believe winter night in the Swiss Alps! It was cheese fondue for me and nothing else!

the faux fireplace at St. Moritz Cafe
the faux fireplace
a good view of Ski Dubai's snow park from St. Moritz
a good view of Ski Dubai's snow park from our spot

I was still busy admiring the view when Ed's chosen drink, a chocolate smoothie, arrived. I chuckled on how effortlessly presented it was. 25 AED worth? Nah! Honestly, I expected it to look more fancy... whip cream, chocolate syrup and all! :)
St. Moritz Cafe's chocolate smoothie
chocolate smoothie: not nicely presented, but rich and chocolatey indeed

Upon seeing the smoothie, I was afraid I'd be a little disappointed with St. Moritz. Things eventually changed when a communal pot filled with luscious melted cheese arrived on our table. I immediately forked a cube of bread, dipped and stirred it in the pot of piping hot cheese, dunked it in my mouth! Though I slightly burned my tongue, I still savored every bit of the Swiss national dish! It has the perfect blend of Cartal, Emmental and Guyere cheese! It could have been more fun if it came with unusual dippers like vegetable and fruit wedges other than bread cubes. 

St. Moritz Cheese Fondue
St. Moritz Cheese Fondue
Fondue fun at St. Moritz Cafe
fondue fun

It's funny how my husband, who gave me the strange look when I ordered the cheese fondue, joined the fun! We simultaneously fork-dip-dunk the bread cubes while we were doing our usual 'weekly roundup' date night conversation. He had his sumptuous-looking beef tenderloin with gulf prawns waiting on the side. When the fondue was nearly over, we shared the medium-well tenderloin in spicy peppercorn sauce. The dish looked and tasted so fancy, just enough to make me forget about the disappointment over the chocolate smoothie!

Beef tenderloin and gulf prawns on a bed of mashed potato and sauteed vegetables
Beef tenderloin and gulf prawns on a bed of mashed potato and sauteed vegetables

So, date night turned out perfectly in sync with the sweater weather! We found the ultimate comfort food for cold winter nights. There's nothing more fun and comforting than a classic Swiss cheese fondue in an Alpine ambiance with my favorite guy!

fondue for two at St. Moritz Cafe, Mall of the Emirates
fondue for two at St. Moritz Cafe

St. Moritz Cheese Fondue: 65 AED
Beef Tenderloin with Gulf Prawns: 78 AED
Chocolate Smoothie: 25 AED

*Guess what? We got the fondue for free! 
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St. Moritz Cafe
Tel: 04-4094131
Ground Level (beside Ski Dubai)
Mall of the Emirates  

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