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Feb 18, 2014

Quick and Healthy Home-Cooked Meals with DinnerTime

Though Ed and I enjoy the comforts of dining out, my husband is the happiest when I cook! I'm not a kitchen expert. I hate spending long hours in the kitchen, most especially when I have to stay a little late at work or have a load of blogger tasks. I also get frustrated when my home-cooked dish doesn't turn out the way it should be! Despite of that, I still try my very best to serve something nice on the table. But since I am a wife-on-the-go, I sometimes end up preparing the easiest (quite unhealthy, most likely fried) meal.  

Then, last week, I was introduced to the concept of DinnerTime; an international company started by three Swedish women who are striving to maintain work-life balance just like me! DinnerTime offers four quick and healthy recipes per week. They deliver the freshest ingredients right at your door step with easy-to-follow recipe that only requires half an hour to prepare. DinnerTime makes cooking wholesome meals easier. 
DinnerTime: All Your Home Cooking Needs

I received my DinnerTime couples' box on a Sunday afternoon. It was filled with fresh vegetables and meat, some are even organic! As I arranged all the ingredients in our kitchen counter and browsed the given recipes, I felt a little panicky. I was not familiar with some of the items in the box and haven't cooked any of the recipe on the menu list. But then, my excitement took over my kitchen fears as I was bound to learn four new recipes, bound to a healthy and well-balanced diet.    

DinnerTime Standard Couples' Box

DinnerTime offers four variety of dishes each week; one meat, one chicken, one fish and one vegetarian or pasta. The recipes are international and family-friendly! Each dish only took half an hour to prepare, but it all tasted like I rendered an hour or more in the kitchen! I couldn't even believe that I cooked a restaurant-quality Vietnamese Fried Chicken just by following DinnerTime's simple instruction; marinate overnight, coat and fry. We were also able to explore our taste buds right in the comfort of our home. It was great to prepare something we don't usually have on the dining table; like the Lamb Sausage and White Bean Stew and the Fish Curry with Okra Chips. At the end of the week, we had Carrot Burgers which really changed my perception on vegetarian food. I never thought an all-vegetable meal can be that filling and flavorful!

Quick and Healthy DinnerTime Meals
Lamb Sausage & White Bean Stew / Vietnamese Fried Chicken (served with mixed salad)
Fish Curry with Okra Chips / Carrot Burgers

Though I was still on my crazy work schedule, DinnerTime made my week fuss-free! I have saved a lot of time; no stressful meal planning, no exasperating hour in the supermarket, no kitchen hassles. It is cost-efficient as well; our dinner left-over went to our lunchboxes the next day. And to top it all, seeing my husband eat healthy and delicious meals everyday was very fulfilling. It was the first time that I've done my wife duties perfectly on a nerve-wrecking workweek!

*For more information about DinnerTime, visit their official website here

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