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Feb 13, 2014

Fresh Frozen Treats at iCream Cafe

Did you know that one of the oldest shopping malls in Dubai got a major revamp? Al Ghurair Centre, a shopping destination since the '80s, opened the doors of the newly constructed mall extension late last year. It is now bustling with a modern look and over a hundred of new stores. One of the great additions to the all-new Al Ghurair Centre is a very interesting shop for my sweet tooth! I was so fascinated when I heard about iCream Cafe, a trendy dessert store that uses ultramodern liquid nitrogen machines with rapid-freeze technique to create fresh and unique desserts on the spot! 

iCream Cafe at Al Ghurair Centre Dubai

I was actually invited to iCream's launching event last month. I sadly missed all the fun and the sweet treats due to a very important work-related event. Since I have a penchant for new food trends, I couldn't let a free weekend pass without trying the new dessert sensation! 

iCream Cafe doesn't have ready-made desserts in the counter. They create sweet frozen goodies from scratch based on the customer's preferences. In three simple steps, I got a dessert made especially for me! The first step is to take a pick from the list of frozen treats: ice cream, frozen yogurt, shake or sorbet? Organic, soy, light or regular? The second step is to choose a flavor. Have it fruity or chocolatey or something unusual like curry or ginger? It's your call! The third and the last step is to choose the mix-ins. They have nuts, berriers, candies and everything fancy!

Choices, Flavors and Mix-ins at iCream Cafe
Have a dessert made especially for you at iCream Cafe!

Luckily, iCream Cafe's manager and franchise owners were in the store when I dropped by! So, I got loads of help on choosing which dessert I shall have that night. They also introduced me to the concept, the state-of-the-art machines and even gave me the chance to see the whole process up close! 

iCream Cafe's ultramodern liquid nitrogen machines
iCream Cafe's ultramodern liquid nitrogen machines
Dessert in the making at iCream Cafe
Nitrogen + Smoke creates a wonderful smooth and creamy dessert 
iCream Cafe's sweet dessert coming right up
Sweet and healthy dessert coming right up!
Fresh berries in an iCream cup
The Mix-In: fresh berries in a cup 
iCream Cafe's Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt
iCream Cafe's Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt looking so fresh and divine

Since I was with dear husband, I got two cups of frozen treats. One is a healthy and fruity frozen yogurt and the other is a unique concoction of cake and toasted marshmallow ice cream with walnuts! Ed is not fond of desserts, so I was really surprised when he wanted to have the freshly-made, lightly sweetened, tangy Tutti Frutti yogurt all for himself! We are very impressed with the whole process, the creamy texture and the freshness of our desserts!

For those who are scared to mix and match, iCream Cafe also offers signature creations like the Verri Berri, Strawberry Cheesecake and the interesting PBOMG; a delightful mix of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, cream cheese and graham cracker crust! Totally OMG!

customized desserts at iCream Cafe
Left: Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt / Right: my very own mix! 
Lady at iCream Cafe Al Ghurair
Even the cows are impressed, so have some!

iCream Cafe
Al Ghurair Centre
Deira, Dubai
iCream Cafe is on Facebook. Check out their mouthwatering freshly-made desserts here.

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