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Feb 11, 2014

Sizzlin' Asian Cuisine at Sizzling Wok

When Ed and I were invited to the 2nd Anniversary celebration of The Huddle Sports Bar and Grill last year, another restaurant at Citymax Hotel caught our attention. No one can miss Sizzling Wok's vibrant Oriental decorations, especially the Chinese lanterns and the vivid red banners which are inspired by Asian and Far Eastern prayer flags. Sizzling Wok looks very inviting even from afar, so we had it listed on our "restaurants to try". 

Last week, we finally found ourselves walking beneath the bright banners. After passing through the vibrant entrance, I was amused to see a subtle and elegantly decorated interior. Sizzling Wok has soft dim lights, delicate furniture and a classic oriental charm. 

Sizzling Wok at Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai

A wait staff welcomed and guided us to a sleek table for two behind a wooden divider. I love the quiet spot. However, upon seeing a more comfortable leather upholstered booth seating at the other side, I politely asked if we could take one of the cozy couches instead. I immediately walked in my chosen seat when I heard a 'Yes'! :) 

We were halfway through the extensive menu when we saw a chef casually walking in the restaurant. It was Chef Tek, the main man behind Sizzling Wok's sumptuous dishes. His visit in our table was very timely as we couldn't decide which dishes to try from the vast selection of Pan-Asian cuisine. He guided us through each course, suggested the best-selling dishes and his unique creations while considering our preferences.  

Sizzling Wok in Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai
Sizzling Wok: a Pan-Asian restaurant at Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai
Chef Tek of Sizzling Wok Duba
Chef Tek: the man behind Sizzling Wok's sumptuous dishes

My mocktail and Ed's Lemon & Lime Spritzer came first, along with a complimentary basket of crackers. I love the fantastic blend of pineapple, orange, mango and grenadine in my Fruit Punch mocktail! My husband's beverage looks so refreshing as well. He said, the mixture of lime, lemon , sugar syrup and sprite is a thirst-quencher!  

Sizzling Wok's refreshing drinks
Left: Fruit Punch mocktail / Right: Lemon and Lime Spritzer

Sizzling Wok added a different touch to the chicken satay, a popular Asian starter. The succulent Chicken Satay Skewers were paired with savory, spicy peanut sauce instead of the usual sweet sauce. Dear husband moved the plate of satay an inch near him while I was obsessing with Chef Tek's special Sesame Prawn Toast. I relished every bite of the flavorful, golden brown pieces of bread with minced prawns and sesame seeds. After every skewer and every toast, we enjoyed the piping hot and very filling Hot Pot soup; an Asian broth loaded with prawns, chicken, beef and vegetables.

Sizzling Wok's Satay Skewers with Nutty SauceSizzling Wok's Sesame Prawn Toast

Sizzling Wok's Hot Pot
Sizzling Wok's Hot Pot

While we were going through the main course menu, I only had one thing in mind. Since the restaurant's name is Sizzling Wok, I must have a sizzling dish! So, I chose one main course with the word "sizzler" on it and one dish with a mouthwatering description. Then, I was pleasantly surprised when not just one, but two of my choices arrived on a sizzling hot plate! With all the crackle and sizzle, both dishes sounded fiery and looked even more appetizing! 

We had the Crispy Beef Sizzler; a hot plate of delectable stir fried beef strips tossed with vegetables and chili garlic sauce. It has the right kick of spice; not too strong for my feeble taste buds. As I am more inclined to sweet flavors, I was delighted with the fried slices of Roast Duck with Honey and Chili Flakes. The hint of sweetness was perfect with the luscious meat. Along with the sizzlers, we had Sizzling Wok Special Fried Rice; a hefty serving of Chinese-style mixed fried rice with prawns, chicken and egg.

Sizzling Wok's delectable dish on a sizzling hot plate
sizzling hot roast duck 
Sizzling Wok's crispy beef sizzler and roast duck
Left: Crispy Beef Sizzler / Right: Roast Duck with Honey and Chili Flakes
Lady and Ed at Sizzling Wok in Citymax Bur Dubai
A sizzlin' date night!

We concluded our Pan-Asian feast with Fried Ice Cream. I love fried stuff and I love ice cream, so the scoop of vanilla ice cream coated with corn flakes and desiccated coconut is definitely my kind of dessert! The heavenly ball of sweet treat was exquisitely served in a martini glass.   

Sizzling Wok's Fried Ice Cream
Fried Ice Cream: My kind of dessert!

Though Sizzling Wok is a hotel restaurant, the prices on the menu are unbelievably affordable! All dishes were served in ample portions, good enough for a family or for a group of friends to share. There's also an Asian Dinner Buffet every Thursday night for only 69 AED! 

Sizzling Wok's romantic ambiance is excellent for a budget-friendly Valentine's date night as well! For only 149 AED, Sizzling Wok offers a Valentine's Dinner package which includes a 3-course meal for two, two glasses of bubbly and a lovely rose for the lady. 

For Sizzling Wok's menu and prices, please check the restaurant's official website. Click here

Sizzling Wok
Phone: 050 100 7065
Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai
Kuwait Street

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