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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Breakfast Date at IHOP

One winter morning, I woke up at Grandeur Hotel's comfortable king-size bed, kissed the morning sun at the hotel's roof deck and sweetly begged my husband to hop out of the bed and have a breakfast date with me at IHOP! International House of Pancakes, is a newly-opened American restaurant at Mall of the Emirates. Being a pancake-fanatic, I was too ecstatic to dine at IHOP. I couldn't stop talking about it, so at 8:00 am, Ed happily obliged to take me out on a date! :)

IHOP, Mall Of the Emirates
IHOP at Mall of the Emirates
(there is also a branch at Dubai Marina)

Every table at IHOP has a set of pancake syrups and a thermal mug for refillable coffee.
Pancake Syrups IHOP
Pancake Syrups: Strawberry, Butter Pecan, Blueberry, Original

IHOP Thermal Mug, MOE
The thermal mug, which they took since we didn't ordered coffee.

Mint Tea IHOP
Ed's breakfast beverage: mint tea

Swiss Mocha
My morning wake-up drink: Swiss Mocha

Breakfast Date at IHOP
Breakfast Date!
For breakfast, I had an omelet and buttermilk pancakes, while Ed had the breakfast sampler and New York Cheesecake pancake. The servings were huge, the food looked delectable, but tasted pretty average. As a pancake-fanatic, I had high hopes of having the best at IHOP, but the flavor didn't even reached half of my expectations. We had a very simple breakfast meal at a very expensive price. 

Beef Bacon Temptation Omelette
Beef Bacon Temptation Omelette

Buttermilk Pancakes
buttermilk pancakes drizzled with butter pecan syrup

Sausage Ham Bacon HashBrown
Breakfast Sampler: scrambled eggs. turkey ham, veal sausage, beef bacon and hash browns

New York Cheese Cake Pancake
New York Cheesecake Pancake

Planning to dine at IHOP? Here's my only advice, never ever expect too much!

Bill for 2:
Omelette with Pancakes: 48 AED
Breakfast Sampler with Pancakes: 42 AED
upgrade to NY cheesecake pancake: 10 AED
Mint Tea: 12 AED
Swiss Mocha: 12 AED
Total: 124 AED

Mall of the Emirates
near West Food Court

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  1. Looks delicious and I noticed it is not crowded like stateside... That is great to have a quiet breakfast. ;-)
    BTW, I forgot to add my blog to this week's bc list, a visit would be appreciated.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Eliz! I visited your blog already. :)

  2. the breakfast sampler look yummy...sarap na agahan...

  3. Everything looks good! And though you've been consistently posting about your food escapades, you never seem to gain any pound! :)

  4. grabe, that was a heavy breakfast...the pancakes and the omelette looks so tasty

  5. The breakfast sampler does look tempting but I am only interested in the scrambled eggs and hash browns. Sarap! I like that they have coffee on the table and all those syrups. Nice. Saves you the time of looking for them. Looks very cozy for a quiet breakfast. :-)

  6. kakagutom naman...Perfect way to start morning....

  7. I LOVE breakfast! I love pancakes! Super nakakagutom like Daddy Allan! :) We don't have iHop pa ata here. :)

  8. Sometimes if we have high expectations, we feel so disappointed when we they are not met. I understand you. Binawi na lang siguro sa presentation :D

  9. They have not opened any IHOP here in Canada. Its one of the restos that I want to try. When I get the chance, I will remember your advice.

  10. I also love pan cakes but I want a simple one, yung plain lang. I don't like it to have much toppings or syrup. Love you omelette! Your breakfast is indeed expensive. But anyway, at least you were able to try. :)

  11. Oi, you just gave me an idea! We'll have a breakfast date this Valentine's! We haven't had one. It's usually lunch or dinner. hahaha

  12. Yummy breakfasts. This photos makes me hungrier! I need to devour a bowl of food or something.


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