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Feb 2, 2013

Late Date Night at Applebee's

Weeks back, I rendered extra hours at work and missed a scheduled date night with my husband. Ed was already in dreamland when I went home. I eventually woke him up, so I asked if he still wants to go out. It was 10:30 pm, by then the restaurants at the mall nearby were about to close. We decided to check the restaurants along Sheikh Zayed Road, where food outlets are open until 2 am. 

An hour before midnight, we hailed a taxi and and head straight to Applebee's. Surprisingly, the restaurant was still packed when we arrived and we still need to sign up on the waiting list.

Applebees Dubai UAE

Our empty stomach endured the 15-minute wait. Then, we were assisted to the restaurants' second floor.  
Interior Design Applebees
I always love Applebee's cool clutter  of good stuff on the walls 
Collections on the Wall
The restaurant's wall is filled with everything and anything: flags, collectibles,
framed photos of  touristy spots and even inspirational quotes.

We had a quick run through the menu and ordered was we usually have at Applebee's, beef ribs! 

Complimentary Mozzarella Nuggets
The wait staff offered complimentary mozzarella nuggets while we were
waiting for our late night meal. 

Oriental Chicken Salad
Apart from the ribs, I also ordered the Oriental Chicken Salad.
(veggies topped with grill chicken and almonds with oriental vinaigrette dressing)

Duoble-glazed beef rack ribs
The Double-Glazed Beef Rack Ribs with honey bbq sauce, fries and coleslaw
We were not able to finish the whole rack, half of it went inside the take-away box and we feasted on it
the next day! 
The succulent meat drizzled with sweet barbecue sauce was worth the wait. The oriental salad was a bad start though. It didn't quite went well with our main entree as both tasted sweet. Next time, I'll stick to our usual choice on the salad menu, the Applebee's Taco Salad with the creamy ranch dressing.  

Ed and Lady Applebees

Applebee's have some Rib Rules posted on the doorway. Didn't had Mojito and Blondie that night, but I did 4 out of 6. Not bad! 
Ribs Rules Applebees

The Bill for 2 (could also feed 3 people!):
Beef Rack Ribs: 95 AED
Oriental Salad: 31 AED
Large Water: 11 AED
Total: 137 AED

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  1. nice place and the food looks deli...

  2. Its midnight already and I feel like going out for a late date night as well!lol Maybe this is a good idea on Valentine's day so that most couples have gone home already by the time we go out. :D

  3. Ay ang saya! Galing din kami sa Applebee's kahapon. Dito nga lang sa Al Ain Mall. We celebrated my brother's birthday and nag window shopping lang after ng dinner. Parehas din tayo ng inorder :) I did a quick resto review na rin.

  4. yum...yum...yum...ang sarap ng food!

  5. But most of all, I think what is cute is that you still took time to go out at almost midnight... with the right venue... the right food... and most of all, the right person!

  6. Nice place...I wonder if they have a branch here in the Philippines too? Hi Lady, Jovell here from BC Bloggers. Your hubby sure is very considerate. Even if he was already sleeping, he still woke up to accommodate your request. Good for you :)

  7. the ribs... nakakagutom! the place is so cute. i love how homey it is.

  8. Ive only been to applebees once here in Canada and I remember having a good experience too. I want to go back now that I read your post.

  9. I've been to Applebee's Dubai twice lang. I craved for their Iced Tea during my 1st pregnancy - but that was in Qatar. And we're a regular customer - but here, I don't like their service :( The staffs are not that friendly and parang laging pagod hahaha! You even have to remind them to refill your glasses unlike in TGIF and Chilli's, sila lalapit :(

  10. Ang daming food! Ganyan din kami kadami kung mag orded. I think if there was ever a chance for us to go on a double date, magkakasundo sundo tayo sa food choices :)

  11. I love their concept of having how-to-eat directions! Good food yum!

  12. Parang ang dami ng food. Did you and your hubby finish it all? The mozzarella nuggets looks so tempting!

  13. yum....wish ko lang me applebees sa pinas. meron ba?

  14. Good thing you found a place open so late... The food looks good and you don't look tired. ;-)

  15. Sis, you eat a lot but you are still in good shape. Kakagutom naman ng mga food :)

    Mommy Maye