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Mar 25, 2014

Bennigan's: Great American Meal and Warm Irish Hospitality

Ed and I spent most of our weekends in Asian restaurants lately. We absolutely love Asian food, but then we miss trying out different dishes and new dine outs spots. So when we decided to have our lunch at The Dubai Mall last weekend, it was the right time to browse our blue books. We rely on our Entertainer Dubai whenever we want to have something new. With the Entertainer coupons, it's always a guilt-free indulgence because we get two dishes for the price of one! One of the new additions to the 2014 book is Bennigan's; an Irish-themed restaurant offering American food. American fare combined with Emerald Isle's legendary hospitality sounds very interesting, right? 

Bennigan's restaurant at The Dubai Mall

On a busy weekend lunch hour, Bennigan's was almost full when we arrived. Most leather couches were occupied, so we immediately took the spot offered to us by a cheery wait staff. While we were on the menu, a Chinese-speaking diner seated next to us called the staff's attention. Though both of them were lost in translation while discussing about the ketchup (yup, the ketchup in an easy squeeze bottle), the waitress still tried her very best to help in a polite and high-spirited way. I guess that's what Irish hospitality is like; genuine, warm and extra-friendly.

an Irish Pub-themed American restaurant at The Dubai Mall
Bennigan's: an Irish Pub-themed American restaurant at The Dubai Mall

Bennigan's menu boasts all-American fare with Irish touch. I was drawn into the selections with catchy names that have something to do with Ireland. I got an Emerald Isle Margarita and dear husband had Irish Truffle Frappalatte. My non-alcoholic frozen margarita looks amazing and tastes very refreshing. It was the perfect drink to toast to the relaxing weekend! I took a sip from Ed's truffle frappe. It doesn't look as gorgeous as my margarita, yet I found it wonderfully sweet and creamy!   

Bennigan's Emerald Isle margarita and Irish Truffle frappalatte
left: Irish Truffle Frappalatte / right: Emerald Isle Margarita

For the main course, I ordered Irish Dip; Bennigan's take on the famous French Dip. Though it looked tad ordinary, my taste buds were jumping in delight when I took a bite! I love everything on it; from the toasted garlic roll to the sliced roast beef. It has melted cheese in between the bread and roast beef layers, and topped with crunchy haystack onion rings! It was served with a special au jus and creamy horseradish dips. Oh and how can I forget the side salad! Ed and I shared the Caesar salad that came with my sandwich. It was sufficient enough for two people! 

Irish Dip at Bennigan's The Dubai Mall
Irish Dip: Bennigan's Irish version of the popular French Dip
Caesar Salad at Bennigan's The Dubai Mall
a generous serving of side salad
Lady at Bennigan's The Dubai Mall
great meal + refreshing drink
This is how every weekend should be! :) 

I convinced my husband to have the most enticing burger on the menu. Ed had The Big Irish; a huge burger with two 8 oz. patties! The towering burger with thick juicy patties, bacon strips, crispy onion rings, cheese, tomatoes and pickles is astonishing! It was served with homestyle french fries and coleslaw. Ed said it's delicious, but too heavy! So, he consumed only half of it and we took home the rest. 

The Big Irish at Bennigan's The Dubai Mall
about to stuff his face with The Big Irish
Double decker burger at Bennigan's The Dubai Mall
Bennigan's towering double-decker burger 

No wonder why most diners leave Bennigan's with take-away bags. I think I underestimated the restaurant's slogan "Generous Pours Generous Portions". The servings are beyond compare! We left Bennigan's with no space for dessert and a full burger patty in a paper bag!    

Prices of what we had:
Irish Dip: 58 AED
The Big Irish: 64 AED
Emerald Isle Margarita: 22 AED
Irish Truffle Frappalatte: 20 AED

The Dubai Mall, Ground Level
near The Waterfall and Fountain Valet Parking entrance

Update: Bennigan's at The Dubai Mall is now CLOSED! :(
Visit their branch at Downtown Dubai:
Bennigan's Boulevard
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed
Claren's Building

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