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Mar 8, 2014

Asian Buffet at Intramuros Restaurant Dubai

Since last year, a lot of people were directed to this blog while googling for Intramuros Restaurant in Dubai. Those people were probably disappointed when they realize that my blog's best friend, Mr. Google, gave them a post about the historical site in the Philippines and not the restaurant! I know I should put the blame to my blog's best friend and just laugh out loud on the additional traffic, but the truth is, I actually felt sorry for not giving my blog's visitors what they really need. #peoplepleaserBlogger? Yah, kind of. I'm a happy blogger, so I want my readers to leave my website happy as well! I aim to please! Hahah! :)

The good news is, I was finally able to dine at Intramuros last week! I was very delighted when my work buddies told me that our once-in-a-blue-moon weekend get together will be in a restaurant I have been meaning to try. I had to choose it over a media event (Red Bull Air Race concert) as I wouldn't want to miss a stress free, eat-all-you-can, night with the best workmates in the world! 

Intramuros Restaurant in Deira Dubai

Intramuros is a casual dining restaurant in Deira. The restaurant's facade is patterned like Fort Santiago's main gate; the most popular landmark in Intramuros in Manila. Thus, it can easily be identified along the main road. The interior has an ancestral atmosphere; very elegant and classic. I could feel the Filipino warmth the moment I walked in! 

Intramuros Filipino Restaurant in Deira Dubai 1
Intramuros has capiz shell decorated windows and wooden furniture  
Intramuros Filipino Restaurant in Deira Dubai 2
With the bricks and wooden details, Intramuros seems like an ancestral home.  

Intramuros is a buffet restaurant. As I was only expecting Filipino food, I was quite surprised when I learned that the buffet's theme is Flavours of South Asia. There are Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine alongside Filipino dishes and delicacies. There's even a live-cooking station for sushi and tempura. 

I have always loved buffet dining. It's a feast for the both the eyes and the taste buds! Honestly, Intramuros was a hit and miss in both aspects. I adored the vast selection. I love that it made me confused on what to have first on my plate and my palate. However, I couldn't help but notice the tempura crumbs all over the live-cooking station and the spills on the buffet counters.

Filipino warmth and ambiance in Intramuros Restaurant
Intramuros is overflowing with Filipino warmth and ambiance
Asian buffet under a wooden pergola in Intramuros Dubai
the buffet is placed under a charming wooden pergola
Flavours of South Asia buffet in Intramuros Dubai
Flavours of South Asia were placed side by side 
live cooking station in Intramuros Restaurant Dubai
I love the Japanese selection at the live-cooking station, but not the messy part on the stove! 

On my first trip to the buffet, I got a very delicious salad with strips of crab sticks that gave it a unique taste. The dishes at the Japanese section were superb. The prawn tempura and rolls are freshly-made. As for the main course, they offered a variety of dishes. I took a little bit of almost everything. It was the Lengua (ox tongue in creamy sauce) that stood out from the rest. Whenever we dine buffet-style, I never take more than I can consume. But on that buffet night, a spring roll stayed on my plate and went to the kitchen's trash. I'm no food critic, I couldn't really tell what was missing. It wasn't just flavorful enough for my taste buds! 

Salad and Sushi at Intramuros Restaurant Dubai
delish salad with crab sticks and a variety of Japanese rolls
Asian dishes at Intramuros Restaurant Dubai
my choices from the vast selection of main dishes

For desserts, there were native delicacies, fresh fruit slices and irresistible International sweets! My dessert plate had buko pandan, pichi-pichi, caramel custard and white chocolate mousse. I'm a sucker for sweets, so I got nothing to hate on my last plate!      

Filling up my last plate with sweet treats is my fave part of every buffet dining!
Desserts at Intramuros Restaurant Dubai
Filipino delicacies and International desserts in one plate

At 49 AED/person,  the Flavours of South Asia buffet at Intramuros is one of the most affordable in the city. There are additional charges; 10% SC and 10% municipal fee. Drinks are also not included. But still, the final price of 65 AED/person (buffet + 1 drink) is very reasonable! 

Happy Diners at Intramuros Restaurant Dubai
a bunch of happy diners 
cheap Asian Buffet at Intramuros Restaurant Dubai
easy on the wallet Asian buffet

Intramuros Restaurant
Star Metro Hotel, Deira
opposite Reef Mall
a short walk from Salah Al Din metro station (green line)

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