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Mar 19, 2014

Chop Suey: Hearty California Chinese Cuisine

Next to Filipino food, Chinese cuisine is a source of comfort whenever I'm dealing with homesickness blues. I don't know why, but duck slices and dumplings can release a certain feel-good energy! Much to my delight, I received an invitation in the middle of a busy workweek for a media lunch at Chop Suey, a new Chinese restaurant in Jumeirah. Though the restaurant's location is a long bus ride away from home and the work place, I just couldn't afford to miss the event. The foodie in me was elated with the California Chinese concept and the stressed-out body was in dire need  of comfort food! 

Chop Suey is a brainchild of Diana and Dina; best of friends who have the passion for food and cooking. Though they enjoyed Dubai's culinary diversity, they both missed the no-fuss California style Chinese restaurant where they can have a fun and relaxed meal with their families. Thus, Chop Suey came to life! December 2013, they launched a casual dining hot spot offering healthy and wholesome California Chinese classics, the Chinese food we all expect to love, at Beach Park Plaza. Chop Suey only uses the freshest ingredients, low sodium products and absolutely no MSG

Chop Suey Chinese restaurant in Jumeirah Dubai

Chop Suey has a very cozy ambiance; perfect for laid back meals. I was with Ida aka Mrs. Jack of all Trades, a fellow member of Bloggers in the City. We were later joined by Maryam of Style Me Journal in our comfy red couch. While having a delicious and healthy lunch, we had a little chitchat with Diana, Dina and their friends. It's wonderful to find a restaurant that was opened for the love of food and not for business purposes alone.  

cozy dining atmosphere at Chop Suey Jumeirah Dubai
cozy dining atmosphere at Chop Suey 
lunch at Chop Suey restaurant in Jumeirah Dubai
wholesome Chinese lunch with fellow bloggers, Ida and Maryam

Lunch started with crunchy prawn crackers, fresh from the steamer dumplings and assorted fried dim sum. The starters came with chili sauce, pickles and Chop Suey's special dipping sauce. I personally love the crispy tiger prawn wontons and the prawn toast with sesame. Then came the Tom Yum goong soup. Good thing I asked for a non-spicy one because my feeble taste buds still felt a little kick of spice. I guess authentic Tom Yum should really be that way.  The soup is very flavorful, with the right mix of lemon grass, lime, fish broth, prawn and mushroom.     

Chop Suey restaurant's prawn crackers
crunchy prawn crackers with sweet chili dip
Chop Suey restaurant's assorted dim sum
a platter of delicious dim sum: prawn sesame toast, crispy tiger prawn wontons, vegetable spring rolls
Chop Suey restaurant's steamed prawn dumplings
steamed prawn dumpling
Chop Suey restaurant's Tom Yum goong soup
hot, spicy and savory Tom Yum goong soup

Peking duck is a Chinese restaurant's main staple, but it was only at Chop Suey that I had it differently. Other than the famous BBQ Peking duck slices, the restaurant also serves Shredded Crispy duck with Plum Sauce. I love the exceptional taste; from the crispy and golden duck skin to the savory meat. Ida and Maryam who are not huge fans of roast duck loved it as well! :) We also had some of Chop Suey's best sellers and healthy options; black pepper wasabi beef tenderloin with zucchini and mushrooms, Ma Po Tofu Szechuan and sizzling Silky Tofu with broccoli and shitake mushrooms.  

Chop Suey restaurant's shredded crispy duck
the exceptional Shredded Crispy Duck served with Hoisin Sauce, cucumber, spring onion and steamed pancakes
Chop Suey restaurant's black pepper wasabi beef tenderloin
Ida and Maryam's fave: black pepper wasabi beef tenderloin
Chop Suey restaurant's Ma Po tofu szechuan
something healthy and flavorful: Ma Po Tofu Szechuan with steamed baby bok-choy
Chop Suey restaurant's Silky Tofu
a hearty sizzling dish: Silky Tofu with broccoli and shitake mushrooms

Though I had to rush to my afternoon work shift, I couldn't leave without trying Chop Suey's desserts. The lovely ladies and I shared a bowl of delicious black sticky rice pudding with coconut ice cream and fresh mango on top and an ample serving of green tea creme brulee with fruit salad. We were all digging into the sweet treats; loving every spoonful of the healthy, naturally sweet black glutinous rice and the creamy green tea-infused custard.  

Chop Suey restaurant's black sticky rice and green tea creme brulee
left: black sticky rice pudding / right: green tea creme brulee

For me, the only downside is the restaurant's location being far from where I work and live. I just hope Bur Dubai and Karama areas will be included in their delivery service soon. It would be great to have a good meal straight from a white Chinese take-away food box while lounging in the comforts of home, just like what I've seen in movies and my fave TV series. :) 

Chop Suey restaurant's white Chinese take away food box

For Chop Suey's complete menu, visit their website here.

Chop Suey
Beach Park Plaza
opposite Jumeirah Beach Park
Phone 04 3442212

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