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Mar 12, 2014

Juicing Up at Juice World

Most of my friends are addicted to juicing. They have their own juicers at home and they urged me join the phenomenon. It is a trend I have considered as I promised myself to eat better and live healthier. However, the process of making homemade juices is very time-consuming and most of all, I hate the cleaning part. :) Freshly-squeezed juices at the shopping malls are quite expensive, so when I heard that there's a certain shop in Dubai that serves fresh fruit drinks at a very affordable price, I was very excited to pay a visit!

Juice World is an international company that has been serving fresh and healthy juices for more than two decades; way back when the fitness juicing craze doesn't exist yet. In Saudi Arabia, where it was founded, it is known to be the biggest juice chain! When Juice World's first UAE branch opened their doors late last year, Dubai residents (and tourists) welcomed the juice shop with open arms.

Juice World in Al Rigga Dubai

Juice World's branch in the busy streets of Al Rigga is an eye-catcher. The al fresco seating is fully occupied and fresh fruits arranged in clusters can be seen from outside! Whether you're in the juice trend or not, you just can't ignore this crowded juice shop. 

Juice World Dubai's al fresco seating
Juice World in Al Rigga, Dubai
Juice World Dubai's indoor seating
Whenever the al fresco seating is full, here's the back up plan: dine comfortably upstairs!
I bet this will be a crowded room come summer time. :)

With the fruit decors, Juice World turned into some kind of attraction. Bunches of avocados, oranges, apples, pomegranates, pineapples and bananas are formed in different structures. For me, it's the fruit version of Dubai Miracle Garden. The clusters are hanged in a small room beside the counter. The mirrored wall which is perfect for selfies (heheh) makes the place look bigger. It has been a routine for us, and most probably for others as well, to check out the display before placing our orders at the counter. The fruit decors are changed regularly, so there's always something new to see every time we visit. 

fruit decorations at Juice World Dubai

bunches of mango and avocado at Juice World Dubaiclusters of oranges and apples at Juice World Dubai

vibrant and fruity decors at Juice World Dubai

orange fruit wreath at Juice World Dubaianother artsy Fruit decor at Juice World Dubai

Juice World offers more than 200 kinds of juices. There are also falaudas, fruit salads and fruit bouquets which are beautifully presented! I have yet to try the fruit salad topped with ice cream; it looks so lovely in a coupe glass. I have also been giving my husband some hints that I'd rather have Juice World's fruit bouquet than the usual cake and flowers on my birthday! ;) 

As for the juices, we always mix and match two kinds of fruits. So far, avocado-mango and strawberry-banana are my favorite combinations. The purees with fruit chunks and pulps taste fresh, natural and very delicious. My first sip gave me a lot of reasons to keep coming back! 

Juice World Dubai's avocado-kiwi and avocado-mango juices
avocado-kiwi (left) and avocado-mango (right) in take-away cups
Juice World Dubai's strawberry-mango and strawberry-banana juices
strawberry-mango (left) and strawberry-banana (right) in coupe glasses
Juice World Dubai's fruit bouquet
I wouldn't mind having a chocolate-coated strawberry bouquet on my 32nd! ;)
Juice World Dubai's menu and prices
a portion of Juice World's menu (Yup, they have a lot more to offer!)

Juice World
Al Rigga, Dubai
just a few steps away from Al Rigga Metro Station (red line)

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