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Mar 28, 2014

Discover the Dinosaur at The Dubai Mall

Fact: A dinosaur fossil was discovered in an excavation site in Wyoming in 2008.

Fact: That dinosaur fossil now calls The Dubai Mall its home!

"Seriously?" That's the only word I was able to say when I first heard about the dinosaur on display at The Dubai Mall. This city is getting more bizarre, more astounding... and I love it! Last weekend, Ed and I excitedly made our way to the Grand Atrium of The Dubai Mall. There, I was finally able to see the newest resident of Dubai face to face.     

Dinosaur at The Dubai Mall

I was bewildered as I inspect the beautifully preserved dinosaur skeleton in all angles. It is the original remains of an Amphicoelias brontodiplodocus; a long-necked whip-tailed sauropod. The exhibit is very educational; surrounding the spectacular fossil are brochures and LCD screens flashing dinosaur facts. Ed and I also met the dinosaur experts; mall staff who were eager to share the details!   

Lady and the dinosaur at The Dubai Mall
Stupefied! :)

Here are some of the fascinating information I have learned while talking to the experts: 

The dinosaur skeleton at The Dubai Mall was found in 2008 at the Dana Quarry in Wyoming in a sleeping position. The over 155 million year old skeleton belongs to a female, young adult, vegetarian dinosaur. It is 80 ft long and 25 ft high. All bones were discovered intact, except for the tail bones which were found fragmented, most probably due to a brawl with a prey. It was air-freighted from the US to its permanent home, The Dubai Mall!   

dinosaur skeleton at The Dubai Mall

skeleton of a young female dinosaur at The Dubai Mallremains of an Amphicoelias brontodiplodocus at The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall Dinosaur exhibit

If most shopping malls have water fountains in the atrium, The Dubai Mall has a dinosaur. How cool is that! Make sure to give the Dino a warm welcome when you visit The Dubai Mall. Give her a nickname and if she likes it, she'll let you meet her faux relatives at Jurassic Park! I'm not kidding! :)

Join #NameTDMDino contest for a chance to win a trip for 4 to Jurassic Park at Universal Studios in Orlando, USA. Please visit The Dubai Mall's website for contest rules and details, click here.

The Dubai Mall Dinosaur Exhibit
The Dubai Mall
Grand Atrium

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