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Mar 5, 2014

The Exhilarating Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi

The media invitation for the Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi was the least I expected to arrive in my inbox. Who would have thought that this girly girl who often writes about romantic getaways and date nights in a pink polka blog will be invited to the season opener of the fastest motorsport series in the world? I am more of a cheerleader to a husband who is very much into adrenaline-rushing adventures. Ed is the reason why this pink blog also has posts on bungee jumping and roller coasters. He would also drag me to extreme sports events, and it never crossed my mind that one day, it could be the other way around.

Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi 1

The Red Bull Air Race is an international motorsport competition for the best race pilots in the world! The competitors are judged based on speed, precision and skill as they go through a low-level aerial racetrack individually. Fresh from a 3-year hiatus, the Red Bull Air Race launched the 2014 world championship series in Abu Dhabi last weekend.  

Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi 2

The people behind the Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi were kind enough to let me bring Ed inside the media center. When we arrived at noon, journalists armed with high-end cameras were already inside, reading the newsletter and magazine from the press kit. Delicious buffet lunch was served as we patiently wait for the race to begin.  

Red Bull Air Race Media Center 2
the viewing area at the media center
Red Bull Air Race Media Center 1
a candid shot at the media room while I was browsing the official mag
I needed to acquaint myself with the Red Bull Air Race basics!

At 2pm, the media site was already filled with excitement. Most were out in the sun; setting up big cameras, seriously filming Abu Dhabi's breathtaking corniche, and in my case, Tweeting and Instragramming. When the air race began, I grasp my phone and my husband's arm. I felt tad silly about having butterflies in my stomach while watching a light weight aerobatic plane flying sideways and passing in between the air gates. It was truly a remarkable experience to witness the world's most exhilarating motorsport in a prime spot! 

I was really thankful that Ed was with me at the media site. He is the person behind most of the pictures in this blog. In an event which involves taking photos of fast-moving airplanes, I really don't know what to do without him! Here are some of the snaps he took using our humble DSLR.  :) 

Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi Corniche 1
the aerial racetrack has Abu Dhabi's picturesque skyline as a backdrop
Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi Corniche 2
an aerobatic plane swooshing through the Start/Finish air gate
Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi Corniche 3
Paul Bonhomme, a two-time world champion, fiercely flying through the obstacle course 
Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi Corniche 4
impressive aerodynamics above Abu Dhabi's turquoise blue waters
Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi Corniche 5
spectators flocked around the corniche to catch the amazing event

I am fascinated with airplanes since I was little, but I know nothing about them; mostly especially about the extreme air race. Though I have acquainted myself with the basics at the media room, I still couldn't tell which of the competitors performed the best. While we were walking to the other side of the corniche for a different view, I could hear the commentators talking about chicanes and gate penalties; things only a true enthusiast could understand. For a mere spectator, all of them were awesome! 

Lady in Abu Dhabi Corniche

Unfortunately, we were not able to watch the championship race the next day as I had to be at work. It was only through real-time internet news that we knew that Paul Bonhomme, a two-time world champion, won the season opener! The Red Bull Air Race World Championship series continues in Rovinj, Croatia on April 12-13, 2014. To know more about the race and the tour stops, visit the official website here

Abu Dhabi Corniche

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