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Jul 24, 2014

Mo's: Contemporary American Diner in Citywalk

On a warm and humid Saturday night, I found myself walking in the moonlit pathway of Citywalk. The last time I was there was during the last days of winter. I remember, my friends and I talked about how the place would be like on summertime. I said it wouldn't be perfect without the cool breeze, but the trendy outdoor mall in the heart of the city proved me wrong! Even in the peak of summer, Citywalk still has the cool relaxing vibe and the undeniable charm!

I was there to meet fellow bloggers at Mo's, a casual restaurant serving American comfort food that we all have grown to love! I have heard wonderful things about Mo's. In fact, I have seen the restaurant almost jam-packed during my last visit at Citywalk. So, I wasn't just ecstatic to meet the bloggers, but to finally dine at Mo's as well!         

Citywalk Dubai

Dine with a View at Citywalk
Mo's is located at Citywalk's prime spot overlooking the blue man-made lake and the fountain. The waterfront promenade is best for al fresco dining. But since it isn't the right season to dine outdoor, all tables by the lake were left unoccupied. 

As I always love to dine with a view, I'm really glad that Mo's tall glass windows offer an outstanding panorama of Citywalk's center-piece. I was still able to appreciate the beauty of the unique outdoor mall while I was comfortably dining indoor. 

lake at Citywalk Dubai
Ramadan Lights at Citywalk
water feature at Citywalk Dubai
Citywalk's refreshing water feature

Mo's: The Restaurant and The Service
Mo's is not your ordinary American diner. It is family-oriented, comfortable and casual just like the others, yet has a fancier appeal. The menu boasts an extensive selection for breakfast, lunch and dinner! They also offer a call and collect option which is really great as comfort food is best enjoyed while curling in the sofa at home. 

Since I was an early-bird that night, I had enough time to take some snaps and do a little chitchat with the staff. They were so kind and attentive. Every time I stood up to take a photo, a staff would pull back my chair and check if there's something I need. They even lent me a handbag hook! Exceptional service, I must say!  

Mo's restaurant at Citywalk Dubai
Mo's at Citywalk 
American Diner at Citywalk Dubai
the interiors of the fab American diner at Citywalk
Mo's at Citywalk
a cool dessert spot here (Sundae at the bar? Why not?)

Mo's Superb Salads and Starters
I had dinner with Brigitte, Stacey and Tanya. Girls being girls, we talked about having healthy options but eventually decided not to think about dieting that Saturday night. B and I opted to have Caesar Salad and Queso Fundido. S and T, the regular diners of Mo's, chose their favorites Chinese Chicken Salad and Spicy Buffalo Wings.

It's funny how we picked out favorites and changed our minds seconds after. It's so hard to choose as every dish has its own unique taste. The Caesar Salad is dressed in a special secret sauce and topped with tasty grilled chicken slices. The Chinese Chicken Salad has a variety of textures and is full on flavor. The Queso Fundido is a comfort food with a fancy flair. The Spicy Buffalo Wings is insanely zesty; quite messy to eat yet so delicious that I didn't care having the sticky sauce dripping in my fingers! So, please don't ask which one I love the most!
Mo's Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad topped grilled chicken slices
Mo's Chinese Chicken Salad
Chinese Chicken Salad: various of flavors and textures in one bowl
Mo's Queso Fundido
Queso Fundido: comfort food at its finest
Mo's Spicy Buffalo Wings
Spicy Buffalo Wings: spicy, zesty and finger-licking good

Mo's Signature Entrees
I love seafood and I was so pleased that the girls love it as well. For our mains, we had Grilled Shrimps with Quinoa Salad, Simply Grilled Salmon with Mashed Potato and Tnt Shrimp Tacos. Just like the starters, the main entrees are exemplary!    

The juicy grilled shrimps were served on a bed of colorful quinoa salad and with lemon aioli dip on the side. I never had quinoa before, so I was glad to finally have a taste of the superfood that everyone talks about! I love the crunchy texture and the fact that it is healthy, hence I guiltlessly savored the nutritious and delicious dish!  

Mo's grilled shrimp with quinoa salad
healthy and flavorsome Grilled Shrimps with Quinoa Salad

The Simply Grilled Salmon looked flawless. It was beautifully served on top of steamed vegetables and mashed potato (the creamiest mashed potato I ever had)! What I love the most is that the natural and mellow flavor of the fillet was not overpowered with herbs or seasonings. Actually, the wholesome fish dish is too perfect for words, so I'm letting a photo of it speak for itself! 

Mo's simply grilled salmon
Simple Grilled Salmon: Impeccable! 

If I fell in love with the simplicity of the grilled salmon, I went crazy over the complexity of the Tnt Shrimp Tacos! Wrapped in a soft shell tortilla are battered shrimps drenched in rich and creamy piquant sauce. The six mini tacos came with guacamole, slaw and chipotle mayo. The first bite created fireworks in my mouth, no wonder it is named as such! It's the bomb! 

Mo's Tnt Shrimp Tacos
Here's the bomb: Tnt Shrimp Tacos

Mo's Finest Desserts
Here comes my favorite part: desserts! ;) I have always been eyeing Mo's Heavenly Honey Cake on Instagram, so I definitely must have it that night. Prior it was served, the girls and I candidly talked about a super delicious Honey Cake from a supermarket. We all thought it is the best in town. We eventually realized we were so wrong when we finally had the one at Mo's. It is soft, moist and perfectly glazed; truly heavenly!

Mo's Heavenly Honey Cake
The HEAVENLY Honey Cake

We also had a slice of Chocolate Decadence. It has a wonderful velvety texture and is chocolatey good! B, an ice cream lover, ordered The Classic Banana Split. The timeless classic has three kinds of smooth and creamy ice creams which are freshly made daily. No wonder I couldn't compare it to the commercially produced ones! 
Mo's Chocolate Decadence
the rich and exquisite Chocolate Decadence
Mo's Classic Banana Split
Satiate that ice cream cravings with Mo's Classic Banana Split! 
Bloggers at Mo's in Citywalk
And so, the girls and I indulged while having a fun girl talk!
Desserts are best with giggles and chuckles. :)

Mo's is a upscale American diner, hence the prices are quite on my "splurge range". A complete meal (starter, main, dessert) may cost 150 AED or more, but I'd splurge over and over again for the wonderful ambiance, the great service and the scrumptious comfort food!

I bet you'll love Mo's as much as I do, so here are some wonderful promotions you might want to know:
  • Mo's has an Afternoon Indulgence promotion. You'll get 50% on the delectable desserts from Sunday to Wednesday at 3-7pm (except this Ramadan season). 
  • Follow Mo's on their social media accounts and get 25% off the bill.
  • If you want to give your sweet tooth the utmost satisfaction, take the Mo's Sundae Challenge. Finish the (in)famous Party Sundae within 30 minutes and you'll get it for free! But whether you win or lose, you'll get a t-shirt to brag about it. :) 

The promotions are valid for a limited time only. 

Please do check Mo's Facebook Page for current dining deals! 

Citywalk Avenue Mall
at the junction of Al Wasl and Al Safa
Contact # 04 344 3305 

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