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Jul 5, 2014

International Iftar Buffet at Millennium Plaza Hotel

Since the work hours are reduced to six and I'm having more morning shifts this Ramadan, I had the pleasure of attending the Media Iftar at Millennium Plaza Hotel last Thursday. Honestly, the word 'media' send shivers down my spine. Though I've been blogging for almost two years now, I still get a little shy around the real media people, but I just couldn't let the invitation pass. I love Iftars! I love dining at restaurants I haven't been to! And once and for all, I'd love to overcome timidity! :)

At sunset, Ed and I approached the concierge at the lavish lobby of Millennium Plaza Hotel at Sheikh Zayed Road. A staff then guided us to Metro! restaurant at the 5th floor where we were warmly greeted by the hosts. There was a very welcoming table of dates, nuts and dried fruits at the entrance; a wonderful sight for both fasting and non-fasting guests!    

Iftar at Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai

Metro! is a casual all-day dining restaurant with a breath of freshness brought by the predominant shade of green. Its floor to ceiling windows offer great views of Dubai's busiest highway and stunning skyscrapers. The setting is modern yet still beaming with the spirit of Ramadan as the tables and buffet counters are adorned with Arabian lamps and decors. 

Metro restaurant at Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai
Metro! restaurant at Millennium Plaza Hotel's 5th floor

The Iftar at Metro! features International and Arabic cuisine. I was surprised to see some sushi alongside the salads and mezze. The starter dishes occupied two counters, providing the diners different choices and a variety of ways to begin the feast.  

Arabic Starters at Metro! Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai
a table of Arabic starters
Salads at Metro! Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai
the vibrant and healthy salads

Just like the starters, the main course selection is extensive as well! The dishes were simply presented in a long L-shaped counter. There were traditional Arabic cuisine, some I'm not familiar with and some I have grown to love. A bit hit among diners was the Shawarma Station wherein the famous street food was prepared by a chef and turned quite fancy!   

Other than the flavours of the Middle East, there's a selection of Asian dishes which made my palate jump in delight! I do appreciate the strong and flavorful cuisine in this part of the globe, but Asian food gives a comforting warmth and somehow takes me back home in an instant.          

Arabic Cuisine at Metro! Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai
the flavours of Arabia on this side of the buffet
Shawarma Station at Metro! Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai
Shawarma Station

The desserts are splendid! I hurriedly finished my second plate when I saw a guest already enjoying desserts across our table. The sweets in martini glasses were too tempting! A baklava tower which is an Iftar staple stood tall behind the slices of fresh fruits and mini cakes. 

Aside from the Arabic sweets in cubes and rolls, there's a section where guests can make their own based on their preferences. Ingredients such as nuts, dried fruits, kataifi pastry, whipped cream and sugar were mixed in a glass. It actually reminds me of the create-you-own-halohalo station in Filipino buffets. :) 

desserts at Metro! Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai
fancy desserts in glasses 
Arabic Sweets at Metro! Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai
I created my own Arabic Sweet in a martini glass! 
baklava platter at Metro! Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai
a platter and a tower of Baklava
Lady at Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai
This I will never get tired of! 

I had a foodie journey around the world! I had sushi and tabbouleh on my first plate, Thai curry and Egyptian stuffed pigeon on my second, baklava and chocolate cake on my last! Now you know what I mean. :) My taste buds traveled while I dined comfortably at the Metro!  

Iftar Buffet Price: 150 AED (beverages included)
Time: Sunset until 11:00pm

Millennium Plaza Hotel
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Contact # +971 4 387 7777
nearest Metro Station: Emirates Towers (red line)

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