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Jul 7, 2014

Wholesome Lunch at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai

Lush greens. Downtown Dubai. Sunny weekend. 

No, I was not in Burj Park, definitely not in this scorching summer weather. I was chillin' comfortably indoor while constantly staring at the vertical garden, detoxifying with a smoothie in hand, at The Pavilion. All the while I thought the low-rise gray building behind "The Gathering" sculpture at Downtown is an office space. It is The Pavilion, and it is not what it seems to be from the outside!

There's nothing like The Pavilion. Ed and I knew that we missed a lot when we saw what lies within the dull gray facade. It is a trendy restaurant and cafe with wooden tables, long benches and a wall of lush tapestry of plants. We felt so lucky to be introduced and be invited to dine at the restaurant.
The Pavilion Downtown Dubai

Ramadan Daytime Dining at The Pavilion
It was the first weekend of Ramadan, hence the windows are covered and the doors are kept closed. The Pavilion is one of the few restaurants allowed to serve food during the day. It is nice to know that we have a good place to run to when hunger calls and we are stuck at Downtown, or when we simply want to dine out for breakfast or lunch this Ramadan season.

Ramadan Daytime Dining at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai
The Pavilion: a good place to have lunch this Ramadan
wall of real plants at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai
the refreshing sight: a wall of real plants
The Pavilion restaurant and cafe at Downtown Dubai
The Pavilion is simple and hip at the same time. There's nothing like it in Dubai! 

The Pavilion's Detox Drinks
Healthy space and healthy choices are just what we needed after several months of extreme foodie adventures. The Pavilion's menu silently screams "DETOX TIME", and we gladly gave in. While deciding on what to have for lunch, Ed and I succumbed to the refreshing and natural flavours of our Detox Drinks. 

Ed had the Spiced Orchard; a mix of apple, elderflower, basil and ginger. I had the Super Detox Green Juice which is beyond super! It is a green smoothie made of spinach, lemon, parsley, celery, apple and cucumber. The combinations may sound weird, but both are amazingly good!   

 The Pavilion Downtown Dubai's detox drinks
Time for a detox! (left: Spiced Orchard / right: super detox green juice)

The Hearty and Healthy Lunch
Ed opted to have a salad for lunch while I went for a 3-course meal. Though he said he'd be fine with a salad, he couldn't resist the sight of my Frito Misto. Well, I couldn't blame him. The lightly battered calamari, shrimps, courgette and asparagus are to die for! It came with a delicious sauce in which we simultaneously coat each crispy piece. 

 The Pavilion Downtown Dubai's Frito Misto
lightly battered and crispy pieces of seafood and vegetables

Ed's salad came after we were done with my starter. The Smoked Duck Salad served with baguette was wonderfully laid-out on a wooded board. I know I have overused the word perfect in this blog, but it is the only word I can think of when I saw the dish up close and even now as I stare at the photo. So there I was, salivating across the table while The Husband ate it with gusto! 

Ed is quite hard to please, hence when he said it is soooo good, I believed! Of course, I couldn't let him finish everything. I had a mouthful and loved every bit; the flavorful slice of smoked duck, the fresh raspberry and lettuce, the sweet and tangy raspberry vinaigrette.  

 The Pavilion Downtown Dubai's Smoked Duck Salad
The Pavilion's Smoked Duck Salad spells perfection!
Ed at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai
The Husband is uber happy with his choice!

The Pavilion offers a variety of main dishes, most are light and healthy. For my 3-course set meal, I could have a chicken, a fish or a vegetable dish. I love seafood, hence choosing the Seabass Fillet over Melanzane and Pan-fried Chicken Breast was a no-brainer.  

I didn't go wrong with my decision. The Seabass Fillet has a simple and buttery taste which was complemented with the piquancy of the creamy white sauce. It came with a fennel salad and Lentil du Puy on the side. Overall, it was a very hearty meal!   

The Pavilion Downtown Dubai's Seabass Fillet
The Pavilion's lovely and tasty Seabass Fillet
Lady at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai
Yes, I'm on a SEE-food diet! :)
But with my light and healthy lunch at The Pavilion, there's nothing to worry about!

The Pavilion's 3-course set meal comes with a Trio of Dessert. I delightfully shared the creme caramel, choco fudge and a scoop of strawberry ice cream with my husband. It was good to cap off the healthy lunch with some sweets sans the guilt. The Trio are actually good with some coffee, but I shook off the caffeine craving as I love the natural taste of my Super Detox Green Juice to linger in my taste buds for a little while. 

The Pavilion Downtown Dubai's trio of dessert
three of a kind: choco fudge cake, strawberry ice cream, creme caramel

The Espresso. The WiFi. The Light Bulbs.  
Speaking of coffee, it would be wonderful to have one at The Pavilion's homely cranny with comfy sofas and good books to read! There is also an Espresso Bar with eye-catching light fixtures. It is a space to have a boost of caffeine while working or contemplating over stuff. The Pavilion has a free WiFi by the way; great for the techie creative thinkers out there. With the conducive ambiance, 'light bulb' moments can surely happen! :)

The Pavilion Downtown Dubai's comfortable nook
comfy spot to have a cup 
The Pavilion Downtown Dubai's Espresso Bar
The Pavilion's stylish Espresso Bar

We shall return!
We are definitely coming back to The Pavilion after Ramadan. Actually, halfway through our meal, Ed and I were already talking about our next visit; on what we are going to have and in which comfortable nook we are going to sit! :) The Pavilion offers a good view of the world's tallest skyscraper and the date trees that line the traffic-less boulevard, so we'll surely take a table by the window!   

view from The Pavilion Downtown Dubai
Burj Khalifa looms behind the date trees
The Gathering sculpture at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai
The Gathering sculpture outside The Pavilion

The Pavilion's Special Set Menu for lunch and dinner this Ramadan Season 
and a portion of the regular menu:   
The Pavilion Downtown Dubai's menu
healthy options at The Pavilion

To view the complete menu list, please visit The Pavilion's Facebook Page.

The Pavilion
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
Downtown Dubai
Dubai, UAE
Contact # 04 447 7025

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