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Jul 21, 2014

Nutella Bar in Eataly: Dubai's Newest Dessert Haven

Are you a big fan of Nutella? I got some awesome news that calls for a celebration, so hang on to your seat. :)

Eataly, the Italian marketplace at The Dubai Mall, recently opened a bar dedicated to our all-time favorite chocolate hazelnut spread! Yay! If you are jumping on your seat, I can totally understand. I, myself, was so happy that I wanted to somersault in the air. Well, if only I could! As a true-blue fan, the best thing that I did other than somersaulting in my thoughts was to check out the Nutella Bar a couple of days after its grand opening. 

I immediately looked for the Nutella Bar as soon as we arrived in Eataly. I was surprised that I need not look any further. It has replaced the counter of flat breads and paninis near the entrance. It was such a welcoming sight, definitely an eye magnet that can make everyone stop and stare... and drool! 

Eataly at The Dubai Mall

In the bar are Nutella jars, glorious baked desserts and a Creperie. Before I succumbed into the sweetness, I took some time to know how it all began. Displayed on the wall is the history of Nutella. There I have learned that it was created in the 1940s by Mr. Pietro Ferrero, the founder of Ferrero company. It was during World War II, cocoa was in short supply due to rationing; hence the production of chocolate was limited. So, Mr. Ferrero used hazelnuts to extend the chocolate supply.

From a humble beginning, Nutella is now Italy's iconic brand and continues to be the best-tasting chocolate hazelnut spread. The unique taste comes from the combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. It has no artificial flavor or preservatives.  

Nutella Bar in Eataly at The Dubai Mall
Behold the Nutella Bar in Eataly!
the newly opened Nutella Bar in Dubai
baked goodies at the Nutella Bar in Eataly Dubai
baked goodies at the Nutella Bar

That night, the freshly made Crepe con Nutella was a hit amongst the diners. The crepes look very simple, yet they flew off the counter one after the other. I guessed it was just right to have the best seller for my first Nutella Bar visit, hence I ordered a serving enriched with fresh strawberry slices. 

I'm so glad it didn't disappoint! The light and delicate thin pancake was generously filled with the sweet goodness of Nutella. I must say, the simple-looking crepe turned out to be the best crepe in town!  

freshly made crepe at the Nutella Bar in Eataly Dubai
the Creperie at the Nutella Bar
Crepe con Nutella in Eataly Dubai
Crepe con Nutella: simple yet oh so delicious

My husband's tolerance for sweetness is not as high as mine. Actually, I think he can live without sweets! So, instead of having a pastry smothered with Nutella, he chose to have fresh strawberries with whipped cream and Nutella dip on the side. With the Fragola e Nutella, he was able to coat each strawberry with the right amount of sweetness he can handle! 

Fragola e Nutella in Eataly Dubai
Fragola e Nutella: fresh strawberries with whipped cream and Nutella dip
Strawberry with Nutella in Eataly Dubai
Soooo tempting!

My Crepe con Nutella was absolutely perfect with illy's Half and Half Winter, a superb drink with layers of coffee and chocolate! The Nutella Bar greatly satisfied the sweet cravings of the somersaulting Nutella Monster in me! So, I think I found my new dessert haven. 

Oh, and guess what?! I spied a decadent crostatina in the counter. I gotta grab that soon!  :)

Lady at the Nutella Bar in Eataly Dubai
Cheers to the sweet goodness of Nutella!
Nutella Bar menu in Eataly Dubai
Nutella Bar menu

Nutella Bar
Eataly at The Dubai Mall
Lower Ground Floor

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