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Aug 28, 2013

Customize with

Ever since Ed and I began refurbishing our place, we have been squabbling on every home detail. Oh yes, our life isn't always about rainbows and butterflies, and sweet escapes! We are just like other married couples who quarrel now, but cuddle later! :) I couldn't live without bows and frills, while Ed, on the other hand, wants everything to be basic. He imposed a house rule for me to follow: no pink sheets and curtains, no fancy wall decals; and that made our bedroom wall lonely and bare for several months! 

Recently, we decided to adorn our empty bedroom wall with our wedding and travel photographs. All the while, we thought it would be easy, but then we realized that detailed photo frames are quite costly and photos printed on paper tend to discolor as time goes by. We wanted to have not just wall decors but lifelong keepsakes. So, instead of printing on matte photo paper, we decided to have the pictures printed on canvas at Canvas can always turn a basic photo into a classic masterpiece, and can turn our portraits into artworks which are not too fancy for my husband and not too basic for me!

custom canvas print by

After we have picked out display-worthy photos, we carefully checked every option at's website. As soon as we knew what we wanted, we followed the very simple steps! First was to choose from the products available; myCanvas for high-resolution print on premium quality canvas, myDecal for wall art stickers, Instamyze for printing Instagram photos on canvas or decal.

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I uploaded our chosen photo at myCanvas option. Then came the tough, yet fun part; customizing the photo aka  creating a masterpiece! I can have our photo on a single panel, or on duo, trio or quadro panels for more artistic approach. Since I was working on our wedding portraits, I opted for single panel and then decided on the size. Next selection was for the frame types, I preferred Slim with black edges for a more subtle and classic look. I also had the option to apply special effects to our photo; sepia, vintage, color isolate, oil paint, vectorize, stylize were the popular choices.

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Then came the best part, can help me create an awesome artwork. I clicked on myPerfectPic enhancement, and the company's artists will balance the color, adjust the sharpness and brightness of our photo. There is also an option for additional touch ups to remove blemishes, and all the little imperfections that we don't want to see on our wall every day! The next best thing is that, a digital proof and preview was sent to my email for approval. We knew how our canvas portraits look like before we received and opened the delivery box!

The items were delivered to my workplace three days after. I received a sealed pouch from a trusted freight company in the UAE. I couldn't wait to see the actual products, so I opened the package right then and there! :) The canvas prints were securely packed in a nice box. Each frame was neatly covered with a bubble wrap. I slowly removed the wrap and adoringly examined our artwork. I love the texture, the high-resolution and the special effects! The portraits are on canvas without glass frame, but have undergone UV protected lamination that would prevent fading and discoloration. Another big plus is that uses eco-friendly latest ink technology which doesn't emit toxic fumes! I'm 100% satisfied!

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We instantly hung the lovely canvas portraits on our bedroom wall! Our private nook is now adorned with our lifelong keepsakes, no longer lonely and bare! Now that our wedding portraits are already on our wall, travel photos are our next art projects!'s canvas prints on our bedroom wall

Visit to create your art, your way on custom canvas prints.

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