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Aug 14, 2013

The Cove Rotana: Refresh and Revitalize at Bodylines Spa

It's been more than a week since our perfect mini-vacation at The Cove Rotana in Ras Al Khaimah, yet I am still in a state of pure bliss! It was the sweetest and the most relaxing getaway we ever had in the UAE. I had a lot of wonderful experiences at The Cove; great memories that couldn't fit in a single blog entry! So, let me begin "The Cove Series" with exactly how the stress-free weekend started.   

Ever noticed how stress can totally knock you down? I can honestly say that I tend to neglect some of the great things whenever I feel strained. I am not really very hard to please, but I can be grumpy whenever I feel stressed out! I know, it's bad and it's not healthy! I am glad that our weekend getaway at The Cove started with a journey to a relaxed body and mind. 

Bodylines at The Cove Rotana

Moments after we checked in, Ed and I headed to Bodylines, The Cove's Leisure and Fitness Club. We went inside the resort's "Quiet Zone" with traces of exhaustion from a very hectic week and 2-hour road trip in tow. The Spa personnel warmly greeted us and handed over two towels. We walked in a tranquil hallway with a cheery shade of yellow, filled with a sound of soothing music that was able to ease our furrowed foreheads.   

Spa at The Cove Rotana

Leisure Club at The Cove Rotana

We went inside a true haven of relaxation. Bodylines Spa has an indoor Jacuzzi, a sauna and private massage rooms. Along with the serenity is a plush ambiance. The rooms are adorned with crystal chandeliers and scented candles. We started the pampering with a 30-minute relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi, followed by a short rest on a comfortable spa recliner. Then, we went inside the sauna for a very revitalizing and therapeutic 10-minute session. 

Chandeliers at Bodylines at The Cove Rotana

Indoor jacuzzi at The Cove Rotana

Sauna at The Cove Rotana

Afterwards, we were assisted to a private and aromatic well-lit spa room for our Couples massage. We succumbed to the calmness as we breathe in fresh, mint-scented air. With only the sound of serenity, we were pampered with an hour long Swedish massage. The therapeutic strokes magically erased all the tensions that we have been carrying all along. 

Massage Room for couples at The Cove Rotana

Our time at the Bodylines Spa brought physical and emotional healing. Furrowed foreheads, weary muscles and unseen burdens disappeared; and that made us appreciate The Cove Rotana even more!

Bodylines Spa
The Cove Rotana
Ras Al Khaimah

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