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Aug 24, 2013

My Flashpacking Must-Haves

When Ed and I were planning for our honeymoon trip two years ago, he mentioned that he wanted to go on a backpack adventure around South-East Asia. I loved the idea of visiting more than two countries within our budget, however I couldn't promise him that I can avoid all the fancy extras, after all I am a flashpacker not a backpacker! He stared at me blankly as it was the first time that he heard  the "flashpack" word. I'm pretty sure he thought that I can pack my luggage in less than a minute. But before he even said a word, I told him that Flash means fancy, not fast! 

Flashpacking, according to Wiki, "has an association of more disposable income while travelling and has been defined simply as backpacking with a better budget". A typical flashpacker stays in an accommodation with an ensuite bathroom, eats in a fancy restaurant, and has a light-weight luggage instead of a heavy backpack. It is NOT staying in a 5 star hotel and dining in Michelin-starred restaurants, as that would be Poshpacking (travelling with more style and money).

Aside from the fact that I often choose comfort and convenience over cost, I love everything fancy! Yes, I love fancy hotels, fancy restaurants, fancy travel accessories, and I couldn't survive a day on the road without my flashpacking must-haves:


1. sturdy, yet trendy luggage: As I have shared before, I'm not allowed to carry a backpack, so a luggage with wheels is a must for me. And because "life is too short to blend in", I don't settle on the usual plain, dreary black travel bags! I have been using the same old woven floral luggage for my short trips during the last 7 years. So, for my next travel, I'm eyeing on the pink Hideo Wakamatsu Jelly Bean that I saw a couple of days ago at Zalora.   

2. camera: Travelling without a camera is a huge mistake. The world is too beautiful and life is too precious. Capture every moment as you only get to see it once! Now, here's an answer to a frequently asked question: What camera are you using? Some may find it hard to believe that I only started using a DSLR camera last June 2013. Prior to that, my snaps were from my reliable point and shoot camera, a Sony Cybershot DSC-W530. I also use my iPhone 4S camera for food photography. Then, mid-2013, I received a Nikon D3100 as a gift from my aunt! So, from June onwards, most photos on this blog are captured using the D3100. 

3. light and stylish clothes: It also depends on the country's climate (weather check is a must), but for a trip to a tropical country on a dry season, I usually pack dresses, jumpsuits and leggings instead of jeans! These types of light clothing can be rolled, squeezed and eventually can conserve luggage space! I also hand-carry a cardigan or a blazer as it can be chilly in an airplane cabin. I'm a self-confessed kikay, so my travel outfit should have matching headband, bag and footwear!

4. comfortable footwear:  Ditch the stilettos, even the wedges! Sure, additional height can make you look stunning while strutting at the Avenue of Stars, but remember, that 3-inch heels can bring painful consequences and can even ruin your entire itinerary! I love to create and follow a DIY walking tour, so I usually bring ballet flats, a cute sandals and flip flops.    

5. iPhone: Even though a trip can make you forget about anything or everything, it is also important to stay connected with the people who love you! A call, an email, an SMS or even a Facebook status or a daily Instagram post can let them sleep soundly at night. Okay, so #5 must-have can be any kind of smartphone; forgive me, I just simply love my iPhone! :)  
So, those are my Flashpack essentials; of course along with city maps, pocket-sized beauty products and a travel medicine kit! Are you a Flashpacker like me? What are your travel must-haves?

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