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Aug 5, 2013

Where in the world is CEB?

CEB is Cebu Pacific's official mascot. The lovable, well-travelled mascot has visited almost every tourist spot in the Philippines and in some Asian countries. Recently, CEB was sighted in the "City of Dreams" or the "City of Gold" or shall we call it "my second home". CEB was here in Dubai!

I'm pretty sure CEB had fun, I can tell it through through these photos:   

CEB's first destination is the world's most luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab. Dubai's iconic structure is popularly known to be a 7 star hotel due to its stunning features and extraordinary service. The sail-shaped hotel was built in 1999 on an artificial island in the coastline of Dubai. With 60 floors, Burj Al Arab is the fourth tallest hotel in the world. 

Then, CEB visited the Clock Tower in Deira. The Clock Tower is Dubai's prominent landmark and one of the oldest monument in the city. Deira is a commercial and residential area along Dubai Creek. It was considered to be the city's main commercial center, back when Dubai was still a humble fishing and trading village. 

CEB's last stop was at Dubai Creek in Bur Dubai. Dubai Creek is the heart and soul of Dubai, and has been a great part of Dubai's history. Bur Dubai, along the creek's coastline, is known to be the area in where ancient tribes first settled. Now, tourists can get a taste of history in Bur Dubai as the city has turned one of its oldest buildings into a museum, abra or traditional boats are still used for public transport along the creek and old souqs or markets are perfectly preserved. 

Just like CEB, Dubai can be your next destination. You can make your dream vacation in the "City of Dreams" a reality as Cebu Pacific will have Manila-Dubai direct flights starting October 7, 2013. Isn't that amazing? Now that flying to Dubai is very affordable, I guess you'll be strolling along the creek or relaxing at the beach near Burj Al Arab any time soon.  


Cebu Pacific also launched an all-expense paid backpacking challenge, Juan for Fun! This one of a kind adventure will bring five teams of students to six local destinations in the Philippines. Each team will have three members. The challenge to the teams is to have the most number of fun activities with the given travel allowance. The Juan for Fun Ultimate Backpackers will get 12 round trip tickets to any local or international short-haul destinations, local tour package for 3, Wenger watches, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Sun Pocket Wifi, Sun broadband wireless kits and sims.

The ultimate adventure, Juan for Fun, is about to start. Visit www.juanforfun.com/ to know more about the Backpacker Challenge.

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