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Aug 7, 2013

Pasta Celebration at TGIFridays

TGIFridays is well-known worldwide for its casual dining, authentic American food and great drinks. It has an invigorating ambiance, a "Friday vibe", anytime or any day of the week! It is probably a restaurant that needs no further introduction; everyone knows and everybody loves TGIFridays! The red and white stripes TGIFridays logo has been a symbol of fun and feast. In my case, it has always been a venue of get-togethers and birthdays, or it is simply a restaurant I run to whenever I crave for a great American meal.

TGIFridays in Dubai Festival City

Recently, Ed and I had another weekend without any plans; our spontaneity led us to Dubai Festival City. Since we had zero plans and zero cravings, we wanted to try something new... until we saw these:

TGIFridays ads in Dubai Festival City escalators
TGIFriday's advertisements in the escalator.... 
TGIFridays advertisements in Dubai Festival City
...and on the columns!
TGIFridays huge banners in Dubai Festival City
TGIFridays' huge banners were all over DFC! 
TGIFridays banners in Dubai Festival City
Tell me, who can resist this?

I followed the huge red banners like I was on a state of hypnosis! The red and white stripes swirled as  I kept hearing "Come, come to TGIFridays!" chant in my head. Ed knows how gullible I am when it comes to food advertisements. He tried to pull me away from the hypnotism, but it was too late! The moment we were seated, a wait staff handed over the regular menu and the special Pasta Celebration menu. For the first time, I didn't care about my fave steak or ribs. I was there for pasta, and pasta alone! I even convinced my husband to choose from the pasta menu too, so that I can try two different kinds.  :)

TGIFridays complimentary breadsticks
complimentary bread sticks
-warm, soft and yummy bread sticks with a hint of garlic-
TGIFridays Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli
Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli
-pasta pockets filled with smoked mozzarella cheese, tossed in a creamy tomato sauce and sauteed chicken-
TGIFridays Creamy Short Rib Canneloni
Creamy Short Rib Cannelloni
-cannelloni stuffed with cheese fondue, roasted mushrooms and caramelized onions-
TGIFridays Signature Drinks
Signature Margarita and Electric Lemonade

TGIFridays never disappoints! The smoked mozzarella ravioli was served in a simple cream and tomato based pasta sauce. It was the generous mozzarella stuffing and the chicken, beef bacon and Parmesan cheese toppings that made the dish extra special. The creamy short rib cannelloni was to die for! The small pieces of braised beef on top were rich and tender. The caramelized onion sauce was a perfect match to the pasta dish. The soft garlic bread sticks went so well with the pasta, we even asked for four more. The sweet and a little salty Margarita mocktail and the refreshing Lemonade with a jolt of Blue Curacao were the ultimate thirst quenchers on a hot summer night.

There was never a time that I left TGIFridays unsatisfied. Aside from the great meal, I also got a food for the soul. While I was inspecting the collectibles on the the wall, I saw an inspirational quote; something to remind me to be strong and not to loose my focus. "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today."

TGIFridays in Dubai Festival City

TGIFridays Food for the Soul

Bill for Two:
Smoked Mushroom Ravioli: 29 AED
Creamy Short Rib Cannelloni: 29 AED
4 Extra Bread Sticks: 4 AED
Signature Margarita: 18 AED
Electric Lemonade: 18 AED

Dubai Festival City
Level 2, Skywalk

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