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Aug 18, 2013

The Mermaid Show at The Dubai Mall

When I was little, I was so fond of Disney movies and Disney Princesses. If you ask me what my favorite Disney movie is, I'd immediately answer 'The Little Mermaid'. I grew up wanting to be Ariel. I knew every line of the song 'Part Of Your World'. I used to act like I have a mermaid tail every time I was in a pool, whether it's a big resort pool or a small inflatable one, though I wasn't really a good swimmer! :)    

I was and will always be fascinated with mermaids! That's why, I was excited when I learned that there's a free mermaid show at The Dubai Mall. The show is held at Dubai Aquarium, the holder of Guinness World Record's largest acrylic panel! 

The Mermaid Show at The Dubai Mall

30 minutes before the show, Ed and I were already standing by the barricades. The marine life inside Dubai Aquarium entertained us while we were waiting for the performance to start. The aquarium tank houses over 140 species of aquatic animals. There are sharks, sting rays and I even found Nemo along with his friend, Dory!

Dubai Aquarium at The Dubai Mall

The sharks are the stars of aquarium, but when The Mermaid Show started, the kings of the tank politely gave the spotlight to the dancing and singing Mermaid. Honestly, I didn't notice where they went because the show was too fascinating! They probably got scared of the human specie, or maybe they were stunned by the awesome performance as well. Hahah!   

Sharks at Dubai Aquarium

The Mermaid Show is one-of-a-kind! All eyes were on the legendary aquatic creature as she performs an amazing choreographed routine in the midst of the exotic marine animals. The breathtaking performance includes acrobatics, lip-syncing and dancing underwater along with the music. It also seemed like the fishes were swimming in synchronized with her!   

The Mermaid and the sea creatures at The Dubai Mall

The Mermaid at The Dubai Mall

The show is directed by Stephan Miermont, a former Olympic head coach for the USA synchronized swimming team and was the main character in Cirque du Soliel famous 'O'show for five years. Some of the performers are Olympic synchronized swimming medalists, so people can expect a very spectacular and world-class show!

The 7:00PM presentation that we have witnessed last weekend featured Catherine Garceau, an Olympic medalist from Canada. She delivered an astonishing solo performance as an Opera-singing Mermaid. Watch the short Instagram video at the end of this post.

Free Show at The Dubai Mall

The Mermaid Show runs from August 15 to September 7, 2013 (except Sundays and Wednesdays) at 5:00, 7:00 and 9:00 pm. It's FREE, so don't you dare miss this very impressive show!

Here's my 15-second Instagram video of The Mermaid Show:

Dubai Aquarium
The Dubai Mall

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