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Aug 30, 2013

Crackin' at Claw BBQ, Crabshack and Grill

I've been wanting to dine at Claw BBQ, Crabshack and Grill ever since I heard about it last month. The thoughts of crab-cracking and juicy crab meat made me drool. However, upon seeing the steep price tags on the online menu, I just hoped I could win the dinner for two contest at Claw's Facebook page or magically find a voucher somewhere. Then last week, I found a 2 for 1 voucher in a magazine! Yay! I frantically cut off the voucher and scheduled a weekend date night with my husband.

Claw BBQ, Crabshack and Grill is the newest, hottest and hippest bar/restaurant in Souk Al Bahar. It was jam-packed on weekend night. The staff at the entrance sadly told us that we need to sign up on the waiting list and probably wait an hour for a table for two. We were also given the option to dine at the bar in case we couldn't wait. Since it was past eight in the evening, I was already hungry, impatient and excited, we immediately took the latter option!

Claw BBQ at Souk Al Bahar

When we walked in, I realized that Claw BBQ is more of a party place rather than a date night venue! The walls are filled with neon signs and party music was banging on my eardrums. There's a jukebox near the entrance and a mechanical bull at the far end! We settled at the bar; in a busy corner with a view of bartenders mixing and pouring drinks in giant cocktail glasses. It seemed to be an uncomfortable spot to have a full dinner, but next to us were diners who were already cracking crabs and peeling shrimps. They looked relaxed on their tiny space, so I guessed we would also feel contented with our spot when dinner comes.

Jukebox at Claw BBQ

giant drinks at Claw BBQ

mechanical bull at Claw BBQ

Claw BBQ crabshack and grill

Since we got a 2 for 1 voucher, we opted to have one from the legendary bucket list and one sandwich. I ordered a bucket of Blue Crabs and Soft Shell Crab Po' boy. Before our meal came, a wait staff placed plastic bibs around our necks and arranged the crab tools on our little space. We were armed and ready when the steamed blue crabs arrived on our table. I had fun using the wooden mallet, crab claw cracker and the utensils to take the meat out. It was totally messy and a bit greasy, but all the crushing and cracking were all worth it when I finally devoured the juicy crab meat! Also in the shallow metal bucket were grilled corn, potatoes and drawn butter. 

Blue crabs at Claw BBQ

cracking and crushing crab legs at Claw BBQ

The Soft Shell Crab Po' Boy is one of Claw BBQ's bestsellers. The whole wheat baguette is loaded with crispy fried soft shell crab, avocado, lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, mustard and blue crab chipotle mayonnaise salad. Delicious! Now, I know why Claw BBQ has a neon sign on the wall that says "Put some South in your Mouth." The classic Po' Boy gave us a taste of  the Southern soul and the famous big Southern flavour!

soft shell crab po' boy at Claw BBQ

We were given another menu for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. I chose Frozen Apple pie from the list of mocktails. Imagine an apple pie turned into a refreshing drink; fresh blended apple with cinnamon, caramel and apple juice. It was my drink and my dessert in one! :) Ed couldn't resist the sight of alcoholic drinks being prepared at the bar, so he ordered Heineken beer which was served in a big jam jar.

Frozen apple pie at Claw BBQ

Ed and his drink in a jam jar at Claw BBQ

We had an awesome night at Claw BBQ, though the place isn't really suitable for date nights. It would have been more fun if we were with our good ol' pals. Us girls could have shared a giant frozen margarita with Dos XX, while The Boys could have turned into Cowboys on the mechanical bull. Oh well, there's always a next time! :)

dinner at Claw BBQ in Souk Al Bahar

The Bill (Claw BBQ calls it The Damage):
Blue Crabs Bucket: 115 AED
Soft Shell Crab Po' Boy: 70 AED
Heineken Draft: 42 AED
Frozen Apple Pie: 30 AED
-we got the Po' Boy for free because of the 2 for 1 voucher-

Claw BBQ, Crabshack and Grill
Souk Al Bahar
Downtown Dubai

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