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Mar 4, 2015

My Five Favorite Food Stalls at the Ripe Market

For the second time, I ditched the lazy weekend morning habit just for the Ripe Food and Craft Market, or simply called the Ripe Market, in Zabeel Park. Every Friday morning, a portion of Zabeel Park turns into an open air market for locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, and for home grown food and handicraft businesses. It is a seasonal event, which means it will be over when summer season comes. 
Ripe Market in Zabeel Park
Ripe Market in Zabeel Park

What better way to enjoy the last few days of winter than hanging out with friends while having a good meal in the park. That's why Ed and I decided to have breakfast with our blogger friends  at the Ripe Market last weekend. It was a fun foodie morning jumping from one stall to another; sampling new finds and choosing favorites.   

Ripe Market in Dubai
Friday is Ripe Market Day!
Dubai Bloggers at the Ripe Market
Our Foodie Friends:
Edcel and Jana of SoloflightEd, Doc Gelo of Beyond Toxicity, Kenneth of Surat Journals, Myla of Find Me A Break 

And at the end of our second Ripe Market breakfast, Ed and I came up with a list of must-eats when you're at the Ripe Market. Here are our five favorite food stalls:

Raclette Dubai
Raclette Dubai offers artisans raclette made of cows milk from the Alps. The Swiss Cheese is melted and served over vegetables or bread with gherkins, pickled onions and cured meat. The gooey cheese looks enticing and it tastes as good as it looks! I'm already addicted to its melt-in-your-mouth smooth texture and creamy taste. Gotta go back for more! 

The chunks of raclette are superstars at the Ripe Market! Visitors flock Raclette Dubai stall as early as 9am. I heard they can be out of cheese hours before closing time. That's how good it is! The price? A serving of raclette with potatoes and bresaola costs 35 AED. Expensive? Nah, it's worth every penny! Watch it melting and oozing in my YouTube channel.

Raclette Dubai in Ripe Market
Raclette Dubai in Ripe Market
raclette with potatoes and Italian bresaola
my choice: raclette with potatoes and Italian bresaola

I felt really giddy when I saw Fraiche at the Ripe Market. I have heard good reviews on the cafe and bistro serving French-Canadian cuisine in JLT. Their main place is far far away from home, hence I was so thankful to meet them halfway. 

And so, I got hooked on Fraiche's French Dip on my first Ripe Market visit! I had the beef variety. I love that it was freshly prepared. The beef was cooked on a hot griddle as I look on, served in a warm bread and with a rich sauce for dipping on the side. Flavorsome and Filling!  Price: 25 AED 

French Dip from Fraiche
French Dip from Fraiche

Jake's Food Truck
Food trucks have invaded Dubai's dining scene. And I spotted a good one parked inside Zabeel Park during the Ripe Market. No one can miss Jake's big blue truck serving bagel burgers! Yes, bagel with a burger patty! The varieties are too quirky, but I guess that's the reason why people love 'em. 

Since I was there for breakfast and I wanted to visit as many food stalls as I can, I saved the heavy beef patty for next time and ordered the Breakfast Bagel. It is light, tasty and reasonably priced at 15 AED. 

Jake's food truck inside Zabeel Park
Jake's food truck parked inside Zabeel Park 
Jake's Breakfast Bagel at Ripe Market
Jake's breakfast bagel

Holland Mini Pancakes
I have been eyeing Holland Mini Pancakes since the Dubai Food Carnival last year. I'm glad that I finally got to taste the little pieces of heaven at the Ripe Market. The popular stall offers an authentic taste of Holland poffertjes, a traditional Dutch treat that looks like mini pancakes. 

I haven't had poffertjes before, so I don't know what's authentic and what's not. But I love what I had in Holland Mini Pancakes. The bite-size goodies are spongy, moist and not too sweet. I had it drizzled with Nutella and shared it with friends. Fun times! Despite being so delish, I still think a serving of 10 little pancakes is quite pricey at 25 AED.  

Holland Mini Pancakes
Holland Mini Pancakes

Yamanote Atelier
I love everything kawaii and I love Yamanote Atelier; a bakery that offers a variety of bread and pastries with a Japanese touch. I haven't been to the famous Japanese bakeshop in Al Wasl Square because of the distance from home, but I have been an avid visitor of their stall at the Ripe Market. 

Okay, I have to admit, it's the cuteness of the Character Totoro Bun that lured me. That come-and-get-me look of Totoro introduced me to the goodness of Japanese breads. Each kind is unique, delightfully soft and delicate. My current fave is the Choco Melon Bun (sweet dough with melon choux and choco chips). Price: ranging from 10 to 15 AED/bun

Yamanote Atelier Character Totoro Bun
Character Tototo Bun: sweet dough filled with chocolate custard cream
Yamanote Atelier choco melon bun
This I love; Choco Melon Bun 

So, those are my Five Favorites at the Ripe Market! Have you been there? Feel free to share you top picks at the comment section below.

Ripe Market
Zabeel Park, Gate 1 
Sheikh Rashid Road

Market Timings: 9am - 2pm
Zabeel Park entrance fee: 5 AED

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