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Mar 13, 2015

Kris with a View: Fine Dining with a View at Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel

I've heard great things about Park Regis Kris Kin, from the annual New Year's Eve countdown party at the rooftop pool bar to the delectable Pan-Asian cuisine being served in the restaurants. So, last Saturday, I was really excited when we were whisked away to the 19th floor of the fancy five star hotel within our neighborhood. Yah, we live a hundred and one steps away (or maybe a little more), but we have never been there before. Shame, I know. 

Ed and I were cordially invited to dine at the hotel's flagship restaurant, Kris with a View, to try the new menu that has just been launched by Chef Rong Wei. And it was then that we noticed how lovelier our beloved Karama can be from up above, and how wrong I was to seek for a fancy Asian meal somewhere else when I can have it in the comforts of my own neighborhood! 

Kris with a View restaurant at Park Regis Kris Kin Dubai

True to its name, Kris with a View at the 19th floor of Park Regis Kris Kin offers a fantastic 360 degree panoramic view of Dubai. Stunning skyscrapers with Burj Khalifa as the focal point can be seen from the restaurant, while the wine bar has unobstructed views of Karama, Bur Dubai and Deira. 

Since the restaurant was under renovation during our visit, Ed and I were warmly escorted to the wine bar for dinner. Dining with the majestic Burj Khalifa flickering from afar would be wonderful, but now that we're about to say goodbye to Karama, I see the restaurant renovation as a blessing in disguise. In the relaxing atmosphere of the wine bar, we had a glimpse of our humble abode for four years, and far away is a blurry view of we are relocating. Such a meaningful spot to welcome new beginnings! 

5 star hotel in Karama
Park Regis: 5 star hotel in Karama
Kris with a View's welcome lounge
Kris with a View's welcome lounge in between the restaurant and wine bar  
astonishing view of Karama, Bur Dubai and Deira
astonishing view of Karama, Bur Dubai and Deira from the Kris with a View's wine bar

I had a refreshing Kris Kin Cooler and Ed had a glass of wine while we decide on what we will be having for dinner. The menu is extensive. Exotic dishes from Thailand, China, Malaysia, Japan, India and Arabia left us contemplating for a few minutes. And that eye-catching view by our window made it even harder. Good thing, the staff were so attentive. They patiently guided us on the menu until we have decided on how we should start off.

We began our culinary trip around Asia without leaving our wonderful spot at Kris with a View with a Thai starter called Yam Pla Dook Foo. It's a spicy and tangy mango salad with chili, coriander and crispy cod fish sprinkled all over! It quite resembles a Filipino appetizer made of green mango, but it's more on the fancier side. 

Then, Fuji Maki Sushi took us to Japan. When it comes to maki rolls, I always prefer to stay on the safe zone with California Maki until last Saturday when I thought it was about time to go extreme. :) The fine Japanese rolls has prawn tempura in the center and slices of avocado and eel on the outside. Yummy! It should have salmon as well, but since I'm not into raw stuff, the chef served it as a sashimi on the side for Ed to devour. And with that, I am impressed as they are willing to alter their specialty based on the diner's preferences.     

refreshing Kris Kin Cooler
refreshing Kris Kin Cooler
Yam Pla Dook Foo at Park Regis Dubai
Yam Pla Dook Foo: Thai crispy cod fish and mango salad with chili and coriander
Fuji Maki Sushi at Park Regis Dubai
Fuji Maki Sushi: perfectly altered based on my preference

Our mains led us to China in an instant! We had Chinese Black Pepper Prawns with Sun Dried Pineapple which is a hit to Filipino diners according to the staff. The dish has four giant prawns, already peeled, hence the delicate prawn meat is perfectly covered with the sweet-salty sauce. Having prawns with candied pineapple for the first time was unusual yet a delight to my sweet-loving taste buds. 

We also had Mapo Tofu; a new dish on the menu and another best-seller. It looks unassuming, something I can cook by myself, but it turned out to be oozing with flavors; definitely a gourmet dish I cannot recreate at home. I love the silky texture of the steamed bean curd paired with the savory stir fried minced chicken and smothered with a sauce that gave the hearty dish a kick of spice. 

A cup of steamed white rice was served along with each main course, so it was a complete happy meal for Ed and I! ;) 

Chinese Black Pepper Prawns at Park Regis Dubai
Chinese Black Pepper Prawns with Sun Dried Pineapple
Mapo Tofu at Park Regis Dubai
Mapo Tofu: steamed bean curd with stir fried minced chicken
Ed and Lady at Kris restaurant in Park Regis Dubai
fancy fine dining with a view at Kris with a View

We finished off with a sweet escape to Malaysia via the country's classic desserts called Kuih Dadar Manga and Bubur Pulu Hitam. I'm a crepe fanatic, so it was the former that won my heart. Kuih Dadar Manga is a mango crepe roll with young coconut meat and palm sugar. So delish and naturally sweet! 

Bubur Puli Hitam or the black rice pudding with coconut cream, is tasty as well, but I won't recommend it if you had a big dinner with rice like what we had. It's just too filling! I think it would be perfect for an afternoon snack. :) 

Kuih Dadar Manga at Park Regis Dubai
Kuih Dadar Manga: mango crepe stuffed with young coconut meat and palm sugar
Bubur Pulu Hitam at Park Regis Dubai
Bubur Pulu Hitam (on the left): black rice pudding with coconut cream
Lady at Kris with a View restaurant at Park Regis Dubai
enjoying a warm and nice cup of green tea and the stunning cityscape

And so, realizations have been made as Ed and I finished our last cup of tea. Firstly, we will definitely miss Karama, yet we're so ready for the fresh start. Secondly, Kris with a View is a gem that we have discovered quite late. Thirdly, Ed has to bring me back when the main restaurant re-opens after the renovation! 

 Prices as of March 2015:
Yam Pla Dook Foo: 56 AED
Fuji Maki Sushi: 66 AED
Chinese Black Pepper Prawns: 96 AED
Mapo Tofu: 68 AED
Kuih Dadar Manga: 44 AED
Bubur Pulu Hitam: 44 AED

Kris with a View
19th Floor
Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel
Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Road
Contact # 04 377 1111
Nearest metro station: BurJuman (Red line/Green line)

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