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Mar 15, 2015

Slider Station: The Up and Coming Burger Joint at The Galleria Mall

The first conveyor belt burger joint in the world, Slider Station, has arrived in Dubai! And that gives us, foodies who love fun-dining, a reason to celebrate! :) Slider Station is a restaurant with an "Industrial Chic" theme brought by Basil Al Salem, the creator of the distinguished b+f Burger Boutique in Kuwait. It is set to open at The Galleria Mall in Al Wasl, Dubai on March 16, 2015.

Two days before the highly anticipated grand opening, I was given the privilege to experience the concept, the food and the service with Ed and his cousins. We often hunt new dine out spots together, hence the invitation to Slider Station VIP pre-opening was giddily accepted.

Slider Station at The Galleria Mall Dubai
Slider Station: the first conveyor belt burger joint

Slider Station was buzzing when we arrived for dinner. We were warmly led inside the restaurant with a vintage American Gas Station concept. Lively music and friendly smiles welcomed us as we settled in a table for four near the seats surrounding the conveyor belt. 

I was in awe with the funkiness of the restaurant that I clicked a lot of photos before checking the menu! It felt like we time-traveled to 1940s. With the vintage vibe and unusual fixtures, with the posh couches near the entrance to the raw and rustic furniture at the main hall, Slider Station is something weird yet wonderful that I couldn't help but adore!      

Slider Station VIP pre-opening in Dubai
the team behind Slider Station
Slider Station conveyor belt
Dishes travel from the kitchen to this communal table via the conveyor belt. 
Slider Station restaurant in Dubai
And there's this posh dining area in the restaurant... not too shabby! Love this nook! 

Slider Station's menu boasts a variety of classic and premium sliders as well as impressive array of American tapas, grills, flat breads, thin shakes, flavored lemonades and high-end desserts from its in house chocolateire - The Cocoa Room. 

The Drinks
We were served with lemonades in quirky bottles as we go through the list of American Tapas. I had a refreshing Mint and Orange Blossom lemonade while Ed had the Lychee and Thai Bird Chili kind. Just like the presentation, the flavors are pleasantly out of this world; definitely not what you can get anywhere else.

We also sampled Slider Station's thin shakes half way through our meal and we love LOVE love 'em! I had the Salted Caramel shake which has a blend of sweet, salty and creamy flavors. It went so well with the sliders! 

lemonades at Slider Station Dubai
refreshing lemonades: Mint and Orange Blossom. Watermelon, Lychee and Thai Bird Chili
thin shakes at Slider Station Dubai
thin shakes: Pistachio and White Chocolate shakes, and Salted Carmel in between

The Tapas
We started our dinner with five kinds of tapas. First served was the Sriracha Glazed Lobster Rolls with wasabi peas. The soft milk roll is filled with delicate lobster meat dressed in spicy-sweet Sriracha mayo. Eight thumbs up! 

Second to rock our taste buds was the Sticky Maple Buffalo Shrimps with ranch dip on the side. This tapa is perfect for sharing. We simultaneously dipped each maple-coated shrimp in the ranch dip and dunk into our mouths... and I guess you know what happened next. A lot of ooohs and ahhhs and a fun foodie conversation followed!    

Sriracha Glazed Lobster Rolls at Slider Station
Sriracha Glazed Lobster Rolls
Sticky Maple Buffalo Shrimps at Slider Station
Sticky Maple Buffalo Shrimps

Thirdly, we sampled the most intriguing dish I spotted in the menu: Coca Cola Braised Short Ribs. Yes, it's a dish of tender short ribs braised in Coke and it's ah-mazing! :) We all loved the succulent meat and the sauce with a rich caramel flavor!

The fourth tapa we shared was the Grilled Tiger Shrimps with charred lemon mayo. What I love about this seafood dish is that it was not overpowered with spices. It is light and comforting, yet bursting with flavors when dipped in the special mayo sauce. 

Lastly, we had Tenderloin Lollipops with patatas bravas and chimmichuri aioli. Just like the sticky maple buffalo shrimps, this tasty tapa is made for sharing! It's juicy and flavorsome, something I'd definitely recommend for meat-lovers out there!     

Coca Cola Braised Short Ribs at Slider Station
Coca Cola Braised Short Ribs
Grilled Tiger Shrimps at Slider Station
Grilled Tiger Shrimps 
Tenderloin Lollipops at Slider Station
Tenderloin Lollipops and patatas bravas

The Sliders and The Classic Burger
The highlight of our night at Slider Station was when we were served with the restaurant's specialty; Sliders! We had the Dangerous. Yup, that's its name! The Dangerous slider is actually inspired by Michael Jackson according to the staff. It looks as awesome and as distinct as the King of Pop with its red-colored bun, thick slice of buttermilk fried chicken, jack, jalapeno, lettuce and chimmichuri aioli dressing. The taste? Not as dangerous as I thought. It has a kick of spice, yet it's the kind of kick that I can handle. Very special and very very yummy! 

We also had the Wagyu Cheese Steak from the Premium Sliders. It has rib-eye, pepper jack, grilled mushrooms and onions in a warm pretzel bun. It's a great option if you're scared to dwell in the "Dangerous" side. :) 

From the Classic Burgers, we had the Manhattan; an all-American burger with all the shebang. If you like your burger big, classic and comforting with a bucket of fries on the side, then this is the one for you!

Dangerous and Wagyu Cheese Steak sliders at Slider Station
Dangerous and Wagyu Cheese Steak
Manhattan Burger at Slider Station
the classic burger called Manhattan  
Lady at Slider Station Dubai
Sliders, Shakes and The Fambam  

The Salads
For the health-conscious, fret not as Slider Station serves great salads as well. We had the Kale and Butternut Squash Salad and the Quinoa Salad. Each serving is good for two people to share. Both are drizzled in special sauces; herb pesto for the quinoa and honey vinaigrette for the kale. Now, who says you can't eat guilt-free in a burger joint?    

Kale and Butternut Squash salad at Slider Station
Kale and Butternut Squash salad with wild rice and cranberries in honey vinaigrette dressing
Quinoa salad at Slider Station
Quinoa salad with arugula, edamame, pistachios and raisins in herb pesto

The Desserts
Our night at Slider Station ended with small talks over the finest desserts we have ever EVER tasted. We had the White Chocolate Cheesecake. It is beautifully dripped with pistachio hazelnut sauce, sprinkled with pecan granola and garnished with raspberry. Heaven! 

Then, we got to devour The Cocoa Room: Slider Station's in house chocolateire's best-selling Oreo Midnight Pancakes. This dessert can be shared by four people or can be sinfully kept for thyself. We held our breath and kept our video cameras on as we watch the staff poured the warm fudge sauce over the stack of dark chocolate pancakes topped with chocolate ice cream. Oreo Midnight Pancakes is such a superstar both in presentation and in taste. 

White Chocolate Cheesecake at Slider Station
White Chocolate Cheesecake
Oreo Midnight Pancakes at Slider Station
Oreo Midnight Pancakes

Slider Station is definitely a restaurant to watch out for! We love the atmosphere, the fun-loving staff (huge thanks to our server RJ for the laughs) and of course the food! I wouldn't be surprise if we have to queue for a table the next time we come!  

Lady and Ed at Slider Station Dubai
Yummy food + lovely people... what else can I ask for? 

Slider Station
The Galleria Mall
Al Wasl, Dubai

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