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Mar 31, 2015

Itzza Pizza: Best Wood Fired Pizza in a Humble Pizzeria

Last Saturday, I discovered one of the best wood-fired pizzas I have ever tasted in the UAE... not in a shopping mall, not in a hotel restaurant, but in a humble neighborhood pizzeria called Itzza Pizza. 

A week before the discovery, Itzza Pizza was the center of a foodie conversation between me and my blogger friends. The name rang a bell; it's not new to me as I have been stumbling across that catchy sound since my first month in Dubai. But, honestly, I thought Itzza Pizza is just another pizza chain that I can live without. Well, not until my blogger friends crazily raved about it.
And so, I read and drooled over their blog posts and excitedly looked forward to the time that I can prove it myself. 

Itzza Pizza in Dubai
Itzza Pizza flagship store in Umm Suqeim 1

Itzza Pizza: A Humble Pizzeria in Dubai
At seven in the evening, I went to Itzza Pizza in Umm Suqeim 1 in Jumeirah with Ed and a friend. The ambiance caught me by surprise. Itzza Pizza's flagship branch is a cozy pizzeria with stone walls and homey decors. I chose a table in the corner, beside the country-style cupboard and rustic red door, and fell immensely in love with the warm and welcoming vibe.

There we met Ms. Katrina, the Events and Marketing Manager of Itzza Pizza. She gleefully introduced the restaurant and the offers to us. From her, I learned that Itzza Pizza has been serving wood-fired pizza in the UAE since 2006. It was established in Mirdif and is continuously growing. Now, Itzza Pizza has five branches in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi, and a "people's choice" award under its belt. It was voted as the Best Pizza in the UAE at the 2012 Virgin Radio Dubai Awards and foodies considered as a hidden gem.    

a cozy pizzeria in Jumeirah
Itzza Pizza: a cozy pizzeria in Jumeirah 
Itzza Pizza interior in Jumeirah branch
the wooden furniture and country-style cupboard that immediately made me feel at home
Itzza Pizza restaurant
and that red rustic door 

Itzza Pizza's Itzza Triple and Refreshing Drinks
Dinner started with Itzza Triple; a platter of three kinds of appetizers. Unlike other restaurants, Itzza Pizza doesn't have specific inclusions as they give their clients the freedom to mix and match. With the Itzza Triple, half portions of three kinds of starters are served at a reasonable price of 39 AED. To top if off, it's even cheaper every Saturday because of  the Starter Saturdays promotion. You'll have it for only 15 AED when you order a pizza or a pasta!   

For our own version of Itzza Triple, we had the all-time favorite appetizer: Buffalo Wings, something I never had before: Risotto Balls, and the lip-smacking Shrimp and Calamari. The Buffalo Wings was served just how it like it; juicy, saucy, with a kick of spice and with a creamy dip on the side. The Risotto Balls are crispy on the outside with hidden surprises inside! We had two kinds, one with mushroom and cheese in the center and the other one with flavorful minced beef. The Shrimp and Calamari were delicious as well. The coating is thin, crunchy and doesn't overpower the natural seafood taste! 

Drinks were served along with our starters. I had the Lemon Mint which I really really love as it is not the lemon mint juice that I can have from the grocery. It is a fresh and refreshing concoction of lemon and mint! Ed had the Banana Passion which he slurped until the last drop, so I bet it's good as my chosen drink!      

Itzza Triple at Itzza Pizza restaurant
my version of Itzza Triple: Buffalo Wings, Risotto Balls, Shrimp and Calamari
Risotto Balls at Itzza Pizza restaurant
 a flavorful surprise inside each Risotto Ball
Beverages at Itzza Pizza restaurant
Banana Passion and Lemon Mint

The Best Wood-fired Pizza in the UAE
Itzza Pizza's menu has a long list of pizza varieties. I spotted some classic favorites at The Norm selection, pizza flavors that you can't find anywhere else at Itzza Signature and the trendy ones at the New Generation. Because of the extensive menu, I easily got confused on what to pick. Good thing, Itzza Pizza offers half and half or two flavors in one pizza! Yay! So, I was able to devour four Itzza Pizza varieties that night.  

Each pizza turned out to be a yin yang of flavors. We had Itzza Classic on one side and Lamb Roast on the other for our first pizza. And it's the creamy Chicken Alfredo beside the traditional Tawook Chicken on our second plate. 

Pizza and Pasta at Itzza Pizza restaurant
Pizza and Pasta at Itzza Pizza

Itzza Pizza is not an Italian restaurant, but the pizza crust reminds me of a classic Italian pizza. It is thin, wonderfully crispy at the edges and a little moist and chewy in the center. The toppings are generous, yet not overwhelming. Because of the rich and flavorful taste, one can easily tell that only the freshest ingredients are used! 

I enjoyed all four flavors, but if I have to choose only two to recommend, I'd say Chicken Alfredo and Lamb Roast! The Chicken Alfredo is smothered with white creamy Alfredo sauce which made it different from the rest. It is topped with mozzarella, chicken breast, fresh parsley and mushrooms. 

The Lamb Roast is a surprise winner. We were hesitant to have it at first because we're scared it might have a strong aftertaste. I'm glad we shook off the doubt as it was extremely one of a kind; the lamb meat is perfectly cooked, a little crispy and very savory. The based is covered with tomato sauce and with the roasted lamb meat are mozzarella, onions, cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic, mint and herbs! Exotically delicious!    

pizza flavors at Itzza Pizza restaurant
Half Lamb Roast - Half Itzza Classic
half and half at Itzza Pizza restaurant
Chicken Alfredo and Tawook Chicken

Itzza Pizza! Itzza Pasta!
Pizza and pasta is match made in heaven, and Itzza Pizza offers scrumptious varieties to match with the best Wood-fired Pizza! From the pasta selection, we had Itzza Pizza's signature pasta: Lasagna. Just like the pizzas, it is also baked in the wood-fired oven, with homemade bolognese meat sauce in between the layers and topped with bechamel sauce. It is meaty, creamy and has a distinct smoky flavor. No wonder it is a best seller! 

From the create you own pasta option, I chose fettuccine with pink sauce which is a combination of red and white sauce and added three kinds of seafood, plus rocket leaves. The latter was suggested by Ms. Katrina and I'm so happy I listened to her. The creaminess of the sauce and the rich seafood taste were rightly balanced with the sharp and peppery flavor of the rocket leaves. Must-try! 

lasagna at Itzza Pizza restaurant
Lasagna: Itzza Pizza's signature pasta
create your own pasta at Itzza Pizza restaurant
Create-your-own-pasta: fettuccine with pink sauce, seafood and rocket leaves
Itzza Feast at Itzza Pizza restaurant
Itzza Feast with Mark of @makrwilson on Instagram (Do check out his gallery! He is an amazing photographer/instagrammer!) and Ms. Katrina of Itzza Pizza 

Last, but definitely not the least, is Itzza Pizza's glorious Lemon Baked Cheesecake! It is glorious in size and in taste! One slice is good for two to four people to share. But I doubt if you have the heart to share once you've tasted it. It is rich and creamy, with the perfect blend of sweet and zesty flavors. I'm a cheesecake fanatic and having one of the best cheesecakes I have ever tasted was the best way to end the night! 

Lemon Baked Cheesecake at Itzza Pizza restaurant
Lemon Baked Cheesecake

Itzza Pizza Promotions: 
Sundays: Pizza Mania (eat-all-you-can pizza) - 35 AED
Mondays: Pasta Galore (pasta all you can) - 35 AED
Tuesdays: Ladies Night  - 50% off the total bill
Wednesdays: Wild on Wings (unli buffalo or bbq wings) - 29 AED
Saturdays: Starter Saturday - Itzza Triple only for 15 AED for any order of pizza or pasta 

Itzza Contest:
* Follow Itzza Pizza on Facebook and Instagram
* Post a Selfie with your fave Itzza Pizza
* Tag @itzzapizzauae #itzzapizza #itzzaselfie
* Show it to a staff and get a FREE chocolate calzone
* Photos with the most LIKES until the end of April 30, 2015 will win:
1st Prize: trip to Rome, Italy
2nd Prize: iPhone 6
3rd Prize: iPad mini

Itzza Pizza
Jumeirah: Umm Suqeim 1: 04 394 4212
Sheikh Zayed Road: Sahara Tower opposite Trade Center: 04 388 9422
Downtown Dubai: Burj Views: 04 422 7797
Mirdif: Old Uptown (for delivery and take away only): 04 288 8192
JLT: Al Waleed Paradise Tower: 04 454 2805
Abu Dhabi: Airport Road: 02 641 8182

* For the complete menu and information on Itzza Pizza's catering services, 
please check Itzza Pizza's official website:

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* I would like to thank Ms. Katrina of Itzza Pizza for inviting us over.

* Disclosure: Although our meal was complimentary, this post is sincerely written and all opinions are my own.  

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