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Mar 1, 2015

Boulevard Kitchen: An Arabian Culinary Feast in Downtown Dubai

Finely detailed with an arabesque glow, the Boulevard Kitchen glistens at the most prestigious square kilometer on earth. It was a very welcoming sight for us who just came from a traffic chaos and a long stroll caused by our own mistake of taking a new route. The warm hospitality, despite us being an hour late, was a relief. Right then, I felt my weekend night turned from disastrous to almost perfect.

Just as the world outside was in a weekend rush, Ed and I were tucked in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Boulevard Kitchen, Manzil Downtown's all day dining restaurant, has a contemporary vibe, yet dons classic arabesque patterns; an exemplary combination of the old and new. The restaurant offers dishes from the Middle East region; dishes that my Filipino palate considered as exotic a few years back, but eventually went down on my staple food list as years go by.

Boulevard Kitchen in Manzil Downtown
Boulevard Kitchen in Manzil Downtown

While most guests were at the terrace enjoying the winter breeze and the stunning views of MBR boulevard, we preferred to sit indoor, in a quiet corner near the open kitchen. From my spot, I could see the fire oven where a variety of Arabic breads are traditionally baked. Boulevard Kitchen serves the freshest bread; straight from the oven, into the golden bucket, to our table! 

Boulevard Kitchen terrace in Manzil Downtown
the relaxed and homey atmophere at the terrace
Boulevard Kitchen restaurant in Manzil Downtown
the contemporary arabesque setting in the restaurant

Boulevard Kitchen has a very interesting Arabic-fusion beverage menu ranging from mocktails to cocktails to regional teas! I took our server's advice and ordered Harmony; a refreshing drink in which passion fruit, thyme, lime and pineapple blend harmoniously! 

Ed had the Red Dragon, which at first sounded a bit odd to me because of  Anthony Hopkin's movie. But then I realized that the name came from two of the main ingredients; Dragon fruit and pomegranate juice! Combined with mango and banana, Red Dragon is like a sweet daydream, definitely a far cry from the movie that gave me a nightmare.  

mocktails at Boulevard Kitchen Manzil Downtown
Fresh Creations: Red Dragon and Harmony

Served with a bucket of fresh Moroccan bread, Pita bread and white bread were selections of hot and cold mezze. Our table was quickly filled with healthy Levantine appetizers; both a visual and a gastronomic feast! The servings were pleasantly generous, definitely a surprise, considering the prices on the menu and that Boulevard Kitchen is a hotel restaurant! 

We had the classics for cold mezze: Fattoush, Tabbouleh and Hummus, Boulevard Kitchen's specialty Beetroot and Orange salad, and tasted the popular Babaganoush for the first time. We also sampled the best-selling hot mezze: Cheese Rokkakat and Lamb Kibbeh. 

All were wonderful, but the Cheese Rokkakat was the hands-down winner. Beneath the crunchy pastry roll is a mixture of Akawi and Baladi cheese with avocado and herbs. The simple-looking cheese roll is in fact an exquisite kind with a distinct Arabic taste. It's highly recommended for cheese lovers!    

fattoush at Boulevard Kitchen Manzil Downtown
Boulevard Kitchen's Babaganoush and Fattoush
salad at Boulevard Kitchen Manzil Downtown
Beetroot and Orange salad and Hummus (and a blurred Tabbouleh) 
kibbeh at Boulevard Kitchen Manzil Downtown
Cheese Rokkakat and Lamb Kibbeh

For our mains, we had the Mix Grill and Chicken Tagine. The latter was a dream come true as an Instagram photo of the Moroccan specialty had me drooling for days. Hi, Doc Gelo! :) So, I finally got to devour the famous Moroccan recipe, not in a riad in Marrakesh, but in the comforts of Downtown Dubai. And it did not disappoint! 

Boulevard Kitchen's Chicken Tagine or braised chicken with preserved lemons, green olives and coriander was cooked and served traditionally in a tagine. The meat was so tender, the sauce was oozing with flavors, oh and the aroma was appetizing! I could have it with a heap of white rice if we were at home! But as they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do", so I happily paired it with freshly baked Moroccan bread.

The Mix Grill was superb as well. Imagine, us, who would always prefer beef over lamb meat, savored lamb chops and lamb kofta without funny expressions on our faces. No weird after-taste at all! Everything on that platter, including the chicken and beef skewers were perfectly spiced, juicy and very gratifying! 

Chicken Tagine at Boulevard Kitchen Manzil Downtown
Boulevard Kitchen's Chicken Tagine
Mix Grill at Boulevard Kitchen Manzil Downtown
Mix Grill: a wonderful assortment of perfectly-grilled meat

It was hard to leave Boulevard Kitchen that weekend night. And it's not just because my mid-section felt heavier after the feast. I cringed at the thought of going back to the weekend rush after the sweet foodie escape. But I must. And there's no better way to end the good dinner and to start welcoming what lies ahead than a pot of refreshing Moroccan Tea... and some sweets. 

Lady at Boulevard Kitchen Manzil Downtown
Lady on a sweet 'foodie' escape at Boulevard Kitchen :)
Moroccan Tea at Boulevard Kitchen Manzil Downtown
calming and refreshing Moroccan Tea

Prices as of February 2015:
Mocktails: 40 AED each
Mezze: ranging from 25 to 40 AED/dish
Chicken Tagine: 78 AED
Mix Grill: 186 AED

Boulevard Kitchen
Manzil Downtown
MBR Boulevard
The Old Town, Downtown Dubai
Contact # 04 428 5888

For more details and to make reservation online, please check Manzil Downtown's official website.

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