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Mar 18, 2015

Nowruz Feast at Shayan Restaurant in Al Ghurair Rotana

Living in a melting pot of cultures for almost seven years, I have developed a fascination for holidays celebrated around the world. So, you can't imagine how happy I was to be invited to an early celebration of Nowruz or Persian New Year at Shayan in Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana. I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to experience the tradition, to sample authentic cuisine and to meet amazing bloggers in town.   

Shayan Persian Restaurant in Al Ghurair Rotana
Shayan: Persian restaurant in Al Ghurair Rotana

Shayan: The Persian Restaurant 
Shayan, Al Ghurair Rayhaan's authentic Persian restaurant, was in an elegant festive mood when Ed and I arrived for dinner. A beautifully arranged Haft Sin was placed near the receiving area. It is a traditional table setting which includes seven items that represent seven Zoroastrian yazatas or divinities. 

It was my first Nowruz, hence I excitedly made my homework and found out that the gold fish symbolizes Animals, candles represent Fire, a mirror for Sky, golab for Water, apples for Earth, garlic symbolizes Medicine, painted eggs represent Family

The air was filled with classical music from the Santoor player as we were led to a communal table which we shared with both new and familiar faces. Shayan has a family-oriented atmosphere. It has a homey semi-private dining area for large groups and cozy booths for small families. It also has a separate area with tables for two in a more romantic setting.  

traditional Haft Sin in Shayan restaurant
traditional Haft Sin in Shayan restaurant
elegant Persian restaurant in Dubai
Tables for Two: perfect for date nights ;)

Shayan's Nowruz Set Menu
A special Nowruz set menu was introduced to Ed and I as soon as we settled in our seats. Shayan's Nowruz Set Menu is a lavish 3-course Persian dinner which includes an Iranian platter with a soup or appetizer, a main course and dessert. 

We were served with Mast O Khiyar, a starter dish of yogurt and cucumber. It's light and perfect with warm pita bread. I also love the Panir-O Sabzi Khordan or the Iranian crudites platter; a winning platter of fresh vegetables, cheese and nuts!   

Ed opted to have the appetizer while I ordered the soup, but we eventually shared the dishes. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant to have the Dolme Barge E Mo as I'm not into stuffed grape leaves. However, it turned out to be not too overwhelming for my Pinoy taste buds. The taste is very comforting actually. Just like the appetizer, the soup called Ash E Shole Galamkar was well-received by my system. It's a traditional Iranian soup with lamb and fresh vegetables.

Shayan's Mast O Khiyar and Panir-O Sabsi Khordan
Mast O Khiyar and Panir-O Sabsi Khordan
Shayan's Dolme Barg E Mo
Dolme Barg E Mo
Shayan's Ash E Shole Galamkar
Ash E Shole Galamkar

For the main course, Ed had the Reshteh Polo; a lamb dish served with Persian aromatic rice and noodle. This special dish is served in many Iranian homes on the night before the spring festival of Nowruz. My husband did the food blogging task for me as he devoured the traditional cuisine. He said the meat is perfectly cooked; tender, and yes, no funny aftertaste. :)

I had the Sabzi Polow ba Mahi; a dish of marinated fried hammour fish fillet with Baghali rice and fresh herbs. It's perfect for a seafood-lover like me. The fish is well-cooked and smothered with a savory sauce with a distinct taste. And the aromatic rice on the side made the dish even more gratifying.  

Shayan's Reshteh Polo
Reshteh Polo
Shayan's Sabzi Polow ba Mahi
Sabzi Polow ba Mahi

For dessert, we had Golabi Zaferani ba Bastani. It's a fine Persian dessert of poached saffron pears with rosewater ice cream. I love the exquisite blend of the natural fruity flavor, the fragrant saffron and the subtle hint of rosewater. Pure delight! 

Shayan's Golabi Zaferani ba Bastani
Golabi Zaferani ba Bastani

Bloggers at Shayan
The Nowruz celebration at Shayan doubled as a Bloggers Meet and Greet! It's always a pleasure to meet the people who possess the same passion; the same love for food and travel... and blogging! :)

bloggers at Shayan in Al Ghurair Rotana 1
Joy of, Pamela of, Ferry (the event organizer), Myla of
bloggers at Shayan in Al Ghurair Rotana 2
Edcel of, Jane of, Kenneth of and
Myla of together with our guests | not in the photo: Arence of
bloggers at Shayan in Al Ghurair Rotana 3
groupie shot c/o Ferry

I'm sending my gratitude to Ferry of Al Ghurair Rotana for the wonderful and very interesting Nowruz experience. It was a night to remember; definitely one of the best nights in my little blog world! Happy Nowruz to those who are celebrating! :) 

Celebrate Nowruz at Shayan until March 31, 2015! 
Shayan's Nowruz set menu is a delectable feast at only 110 AED per person. 
For more information about Shayan, click here.
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Nowruz Set Menu at Shayan restaurant
Nowruz Set Menu
Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana
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