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Mar 10, 2015

Fried Chicken and more at Max's Restaurant

A few days from now, Ed and I will be saying goodbye to the neighborhood that grew so much on us. Due to new endeavors, we will be leaving Karama and will be calling Deira our home district. I am excited, but relocating is quite difficult. It's not just because we have tons of stuff to pack. I also have to deal with some emotional attachment. 

I am a true blue foodie, hence I will surely miss being a few steps away from my favorite restaurants. Others may find this shallow, but mababaw ang kaligayahan ko eh. :) I love spontaneity, and here I can easily say "I'm craving for fried chicken today. Let's go to Max's." And off we will go for a stroll to one of our favorite Filipino restaurants across the street. I know I could easily satisfy my craving via food delivery when we transfer, but for me, Max's Fried Chicken is best enjoyed with warm Filipino hospitality and that hearty laughter that echoes time and again in the restaurant.      

Max's restaurant in Karama
Max's restaurant in Karama

So, last weekend, we went to Max's restaurant by feet for the last time. On my next fried chicken craving, we will be taking the train, unless they will open a Max's restaurant near our new place. Fingers crossed. Anyhow, I know the journey will all be worth it as dining at Max's can make me feel at home. 

The restaurant is patterned to the Max's restaurants we have in the Philippines, thus it easily reminds me of our family dinners and how we opted to order different combo meals to have a variety of side dishes to share. And just like the ones back home, the service is always warm and friendly no matter how busy the restaurant is.  

Max's restaurant Dubai Combo Meals
The combo meals that I have always loved are also offered here in the UAE! 

All About Max's
Max's Restaurant is popularly known as "The House That Fried Chicken Built." Its humble beginnings can be traced back to 1945, after World War II, in the residence of Maximo Gimenez in Quezon City. American G.I.s frequently visit Maximo's home for food and drinks. This inspired him to open a cafe which initially offered chicken, steak and drinks. The special chicken recipe of Ruby, Maximo's niece, became a favorite and gained massive popularity. 

And so, Max's restaurant became an institution. It has expanded nationwide, in United States, in Canada, and now in the UAE! 

Ed and Lady at Max's restaurant in Karama
Happiness is... having a delicious Filipino meal at Max's. 

Something New and Healthy. Something Oldie but Goldie.   
For our recent visit, we chose to have the new addition on the menu, Sinigang na Salmon, over our firm favorite Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus. Salmon in sour broth seemed bizarre, but we gave it a go after it was recommended by the staff. We loved it! It was cooked to perfection. The tamarind-based soup is rightly sour and savory. The salmon meat has a subtle flavor without fishy aftertaste! 

sinigang na salmon at Max's restaurant
Max's Sinigang na Salmon

Along with our new find, we had our classic favorites; Sizzling Tofu and Max's Fried Chicken. We fondly call Sizzling Tofu as the healthy version of Sisig. It's a delicious vegetarian dish of tofu cubes with spices and special mayo sauce. It is so good and creamy that it doesn't leave us sadly craving for the meaty sisig. 

Ed and I shared a half serving of Max's Fried Chicken. Dining at Max's wouldn't be complete without this house specialty. What makes it different from the rest? It is golden-fried with a unique blend of special spices. The meat is tasty and juicy, and the golden skin is light and crispy, sans batter. It is served with sweet potato fries on the side, and dipped in Max's banana ketchup or Worcestershire sauce. I'm not into ketchup, so it's the Worcester sauce for me all the way! 

Max's Sizzling Tofu
Max's Sizzling Tofu
Max's Half Fried Chicken with sweet potato fries
Max's Half Fried Chicken with sweet potato fries

We completed our lunch with a serving of Crabmeat Fried Rice, which can already serve as a complete meal by the way. The ring of fried rice has crabsticks, scrambled eggs and vegetables in the center. It is ulam and rice in one! The hefty portion is good for 2 to 3 persons to share. 

Max's Crabmeat Fried Rice
Max's Crabmeat Fried Rice
Ed in Max's restaurant in Dubai
my foodie buddy having a Filipino feast at Max's

The Signature Drinks
What we also love at Max's are their Signature Beverages that are proudly Pinoy! I always have Sago't Gulaman as it is the ultimate thirst quencher. It is a sweet Filipino drink with tapoica pearls (sago) and gelatin (gulaman). Ed, a leche flan addict, opted to have Ube Leche Flan Shake. It has a sweet and refreshing blend of Ube or purple yam and leche flan. 

Ube Leche Flan Shake and Sago't Gulaman
Ube Leche Flan Shake and Sago't Gulaman

Four Of A Kind
And because we had different sweet cravings that day, Ed was yearning for leche flan for the nth time while I was craving for buko pandan, we ended our meal with a Dessert Sampler. With the Dessert Sampler, we didn't just satisfy our cravings, we also got two equally luscious desserts. Our dessert plate had creamy buko pandan and ube creme decadence that went so well with the sweetness of leche flan and cream cheese brownie a la mode

Max's Dessert Sampler
Max's Dessert Sampler

We went home happy... I mean VERY happy. And it's the kind of happiness that only good food can give. So, even though we will be three metro stations away soon, I think we'll still find ourselves heading to Max's in Karama just for a fried chicken and some Filipino dishes on the side. Again, unless they open a branch near our new place. Still keeping my fingers crossed. ;)  

Prices as of March 2015:
Sinigang na Salmon: 32 AED
Max's Fried Chicken: 25 AED (half)
Sizzling Tofu: 28 AED
Crabmeat Fried Rice: 19 AED
Dessert Sampler: 26 AED
Ube Leche Flan Shake: 16 AED
Sago't Gulaman: 10 AED

Watch out for Max's monthly promotion!
We spotted this awesome, easy on the budget, set meal for four for this month of March:

Max''s March Specials
Max's March Specials

Max's Restaurant
Dubai: Spinney's Bldg Karama 
Sharjah: Sharjah City Centre
Abu Dhabi: Corniche Apts - Khalifa Street

For food delivery in Dubai: call 043257797

To view the complete menu and for more details, please visit Max's restaurant official Facebook Page.

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