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Mar 25, 2015

India: A Night in Clark Shiraz - the Oldest 5-Star Hotel in Agra

Our last night in India was spent in one of the oldest 5-star hotels in Agra, Clark Shiraz. The hotel stay with breakfast is a part of our Golden Triangle tour package from Gets Holidays

Whenever we book a budget-friendly tour package, I usually don't expect much on the accommodation as I don't want to spend the night with disappointments. I have always thought that if the tour is good and complete, then the accommodation would be compromised. I think it pays not to have high expectations as I was caught in a pleasant surprise when we were ushered to Clark Shiraz's lobby.     

Clark Shiraz is an old yet well-maintained hotel in Agra. It has been awarded as the Best Leisure Hotel in North India Travel Awards 2014. Location-wise, it is in the heart of the city; close to souvenir shops and restaurants. The Taj Mahal, the main tourist destination in the country, is only a few kilometers away. 

Clark Shiraz in Agra India
Clark Shiraz in Agra, India

We stayed in a deluxe room with a tv set, mini bar and tea/coffee maker. We got the hotel's well-manicured garden as a view. It could have been better if the Taj was in sight, but with the price we paid, who are we to complain? :) 

Apples and cookies were set in a mini table. Bath essentials were arranged beside the sink. I was pretty impressed as out of the three hotels we have stayed in India, Clark Shiraz is the only one that provided us with welcome nibbles and toothbrush sets! I'm so easy to please, I know! 

The room is spotless and the atmosphere is homey. However, I found the bathroom a little eerie that I had to open the door while I took a shower. I did not see nor felt any supernatural presence. I think it was just my paranoia haunting me. Heh! 

our deluxe room in Clark Shiraz
our deluxe room in Clark Shiraz
welcome treats in Clark Shiraz
the welcome treats: apples and cookies :)
bath essentials in Clark Shiraz
Complete bath set! Yay! :) No need to dial Housekeeping! 

Clark Shiraz is surrounded with a sprawling garden. There's an outdoor pool, an entertainment center, massage center and a shopping arcade! We did our last minute shopping in one of the shops in the hotel as the items cost pretty much the same outside! 

shopping arcade inside Clark Shiraz Agra
shopping arcade inside the hotel

garden at Clark Shiraz Agra
lush greens from our window

swimming pool at Clark Shiraz Agra
Clark Shiraz's swimming pool and more greens

Our stay came with a free breakfast buffet at The Buffet Restaurant. It was nice to begin our last day in India with a bountiful breakfast spread. A variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes were arranged in the middle of the dining hall. I love the fish croquettes and freshly-made dosa from the live-cooking station.

massive breakfast at The Buffet Restaurant
massive breakfast at The Buffet Restaurant
dosa at The Buffet Restaurant
Dosa! I love dosa!
my last breakfast in India
my last breakfast in India

Minutes before we checked-out, a staff warmly guided us to Clark Shiraz's Mughal Bar. The bar was still closed, but was specially opened for us who wanted to catch a glimpse of India's crown jewel for the last time. 

Taj Mahal view from Clark Shiraz
Spot the Taj Mahal under the rain!
Ed and Lady in Clark Shiraz Agra
One last Namaste!

Clark Shiraz
Agra, Uttar Pradesh

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