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Sep 16, 2014

Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel: Buffet Dining with a View

While on a sweet escape in Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa, Ed and I were treated to a fabulous buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner at Al Murjan. The restaurant's name sounds Arabic, but it's actually a trendy International buffet restaurant located at the hotel's ground floor. 

As Oceanic Hotel is situated in a magnificent spot in Khorfakkan, I had a strong feeling that Al Murjan is a perfect place to dine with a view. Perhaps, a restaurant where I can sit back, relax and satiate my senses. 

Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel Khorfakkan

Al Murjan's Splendid Views and Warm Ambiance
Al Murjan is Oceanic Hotel's all day dining restaurant. The dining area has glass walls offering stunning panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. It is naturally lighted during the day, hence the atmosphere is very calm and relaxing despite being a fine-dining restaurant. 

Al Murjan is family-friendly as well. During lunch, there is a section where kids can do fun activities like drawing and painting. It kept most of the kids occupied allowing the parents to enjoy their meal. When the perfect time comes for us to have little ones, I think we would always love to dine at restaurants like Al Murjan! :)

splendid view of the Indian Ocean from Al Murjan's dining hall
the splendid view of the Indian Ocean from Al Murjan's dining hall
fancy yet relaxed restaurant at Oceanic Hotel
fancy yet relaxed hotel restaurant
activities for the kids at Oceanic Hotel
activities for the kids

The Lavish Lunch at Al Murjan
For lunch, a variety of International cuisine was displayed in the counters. Out of all the selection, the first thing I noticed was the chocolate fondue! I love fondue! The flowing cascade of melted chocolate made me so giddy that I could barely wait for dessert time. :) 

But of course, I had to begin lunch the proper way, so I got some cold starters from the antipasti bar and a mixed salad. It's the ham and pineapple salad that I could never forget. The taste reminds me of Hawaiian Pizza without the pizza crust! Heheh! The main dishes are of different varieties. I had a portion of Greek Moussaka, some Oriental chicken rice and mixed Arabic grill. 

Fondue station at Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel
pasta station at Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel
live-cooking station for pasta dishes
lunch date at Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel
lunch date at Al Murjan

For dessert, well I think you all know what I got; a melon and a marble cake slice thoroughly coated with dark chocolate from the fondue station, plus some fancy cakes and a fruity mousse in a mini glass. That's it; three plates of yumminess and the power of self-control! 

desserts at Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel
my dessert plate: sweetness overload

The Sumptuous Dinner at Al Murjan
The buffet spread at Al Murjan looked pretty elegant during dinner. Although it wasn't as huge as the dinner buffets in Dubai, the spread was still of different varieties. Lighting was perfect; not too bright, not too dim. The aquarium tank that line the long buffet counter glimmered. It added an extra oomph to the splendid ambiance. 

If the chocolate fondue is my superstar for lunch, it's the steamed crab in a bed of ice for dinner! I had two on my starter plate! Just like lunch, there's a live-cooking section for pasta which was a big hit amongst the diners. Ed had farfalle in cheesy and creamy sauce. He said it's very delicious! I had Biryani rice, some grilled items and a portion of Fish and Chips.  

dinner buffet at Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel
Al Murjan's aquarium tank and some of the healthy selections
seafood at Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel
For me, this is the star of the dinner buffet! #seafoodlover
fish and chips at Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel
comfort food: Fish and Chips 
friendly staff at Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel
a very friendly restaurant staff (all smiles despite the consecutive pasta requests)

It was two days before Ed's Birthday, hence I pre-arranged a surprise cake. It was supposedly a surprise, yet he caught me talking to a staff and immediately thought I informed the restaurant that it's his birthday. I, being a bad liar, tried to deny but my face said it all. Boohoo! Anyways, we had his birthday cake for dessert. It's a dark chocolate cake drizzled with strawberry sauce and topped with fresh strawberries! Yummeh! 

Ed at Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel
Ed's advance Birthday celebration 

The Healthy Breakfast at Al Murjan
The morning after, we had an early breakfast at Al Murjan. The atmosphere was quiet and cozy on that hour. I had my usual breakfast choices; sausage, cheese omelette and waffles. No mushrooms though! 

I love that the restaurant has a dedicated station for healthy breakfast food. The yogurt wasn't the supermarket-kind. It was served in a huge bowl, freshly made most probably. Beside it are fresh fruit cubes and some green juice. There's also a salad bar, cold cuts and cheese, bread and pastries, and whole lot more! 

Breakfast at Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel
waffles and honey: my kind of breakfast
healthy selection at Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel
green juice at the Healthy Section
breakfast buffet at Al Murjan in Oceanic Hotel
Veggies for breakfast? Yes please! 

Other than Al Murjan, Oceanic Hotel has 5 more dining options. There is Cafe Oceanic, a charming cafe in the lobby. Opposite Al Murjan is Al Diwan; a tea lounge during the day that turns into a mini movie house on a weekend night. Outside are Amwaj pool bar where guests can enjoy light snacks al fresco and the newly-opened Breakers snack cafe near the beach. Soon to open is Bab Al Bahr, a seafood restaurant with a breathtaking view of the ocean; definitely something to look forward to! 

Lunch Buffet: 90 AED on weekdays / 102 AED on Fridays
Dinner Buffet: 108 AED
*Al Murjan will launch Mexican and Chinese Theme Nights very soon! 

Al Murjan Restaurant
Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa
Khorfakkan, Sharjah

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