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Sep 20, 2014

Parasailing in Khorfakkan Corniche: The Great Adventure in the Sky

Ed's birthday celebration has always been an adventure of a lifetime. I am not as fearless as my husband, hence it's not just him that I surprise with a ticket to adventure, but pretty much myself as well. 

We initially planned to go snorkeling as Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa's diving center offers boat trips to Shark Island. However, when we were informed that the morning trip departs at around 9am and returns to the hotel at 2pm, we changed our minds. We wanted to go on an escapade and still have hours to relax before check out time. 

I somehow dreaded the moment when I mentioned "water sports activities". Those three words created a melody to my husband's ears. That moment, I knew that I had to prepare my physically and emotionally frail body for an adrenaline rush.

parasailing in Khorfakkan Corniche
Parasailing in Khorfakkan 

Since water sports are not yet offered at Oceanic Hotel, we went to Khorfakkan Corniche. The public beach is exactly beside Oceanic Hotel, but the stalls for water sports are located at the far end (less than 5 minutes by taxi, around 15-20 minutes by feet).

We approached a stall and signed a consent form for parasailing. The person in charge asked us which landing site we prefer; at the shore or in the sea. He added that water takeoff/landing is safer as it is controlled by the boat. The shore landing is cheaper yet more prone to injury as we need to control it ourselves. As we have never experienced parasailing before, it was just right to be in the safe side although it means paying a little bit more.

the stalls for water sports at Khorfakkan Corniche
the stalls for water sports at Khorfakkan Corniche
Al Marjan amusements in Khorfakkan Corniche
Al Marjan stall: where we signed up for an all out adventure in the air 
marine amusement at Khorfakkan
marine amusement at Khorfakkan: enjoy water sports such as jet ski, banana boat, parasailing

Right after we settled the fees, a small speedboat transported us to a bigger one in the middle of the sea. The staff gave us life jackets, then assisted us on the wearing of harness. That moment, I heard my heart beating so loud that I could no longer hear the instructions given to us. What ifs ran in my head, but I had no intention of backing out especially when I saw how excited Ed is. 

Ed and Lady in Khorfakkan Sharjah
ready for adventure

I whispered some words of encouragement to myself. Stuff like, "It's going to be fun. Back out and you'll miss half of your life. YOLO!" Hahah! 

And I think it worked. I was almost fearless when the staff connected our body harness to the parachute. I only had one question in mind before take off: "What if I couldn't handle it anymore?" The staff smiled and showed me the hand signal to use. Perhaps he already said it before when all I could hear was my fast heart beat.    

I looked at Ed, gathered up the courage and inhaled deeply. Then, I found myself up in the air! 

parasailing in Khorfakkan
up up and away
parasailing above the Indian Ocean
We're up above the Indian Ocean....
parasailing with a fantastic view of the Hajar Mountains
....and the Hajar Mountains!
extreme adventure in Khorfakkan
We got an awesome birds-eye view of Khorfakkan up there!

I watched the speed boat towing us become smaller and smaller. The parachute took us higher that we could almost see the whole town of Khorfakkan! I was in a dreamlike state, then I heard my husband said "Smile!" as he moved the GoPro towards my face. I flashed a smile and went back to appreciating the blue ocean, the brown rocky mountains and simple village sandwiched in between from up above. Breathtaking!  

I hope I could say that I enjoyed every minute of our time in the sky, that it is romantic and that every couple should do it! Yes, I smiled and laughed like I was having the best time of my life but in between those giggles, I kept quiet. Other than appreciating the beauty below us, I was silently praying. I was tad nervous that I recited The Lord's Prayer three times!  

adventure in the sky
I never expected we could go as high as this!
scary but fun parasailing adventure in Khorfakkan
scary, but insanely fun :)

There was a point when we were lowered down to the sea. Half of our bodies were intentionally submerged in the cool waters, then we were gently lifted up to the air once again. It's the most fun part of the 20-minute parasailing experience for me. 

gliding above the cool waters of Indian Ocean
gliding in the air, above the cool waters of Indian Ocean
refreshing dip while parasailing in Khorfakkan
the fun and relaxing dip
wet and wild adventure in Khorfakkan
Now, that was a wet and wild adventure!

Never in my whole life did I think that I can be up in the air, parasailing above the Indian Ocean. I'm really happy that we captured it in video as I don't think I could do it ever again! As for the birthday boy, well he was the happiest!

That experience is definitely one for the books. It is something that we would repeatedly share to our children, grand children and maybe great grandchildren until they get tired of it. And absolutely something that we'd reminisce time and again when we're old and gray! :)

100 AED/person for take off and landing in the shore
150 AED/person for take off and landing in the sea

Khorfakkan Corniche
Khorfakkan, Sharjah

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