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Sep 18, 2014

A Sensory Spa Experience at 360 Health Club and Spa in Oceanic Hotel

I received a spa treatment as a surprise during our stay at Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa. Upon knowing that I'll be having an hour of pampering, I immediately booked a treatment for my husband as well. Leaving him in our hotel room while we are on a sweet escape is the least I could do, plus the fact that it was his birthday weekend. Although he said he don't need to be pampered at all, I felt he actually deserved it more than I do! 

So, at four in the afternoon, on our first day in Oceanic Hotel, we went to 360 Health Club and Spa hand in hand. 

Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa

360 Health Club and Spa is located at the topmost floor of Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa. It is where hotel guests are treated to a sensory spa experience. Minutes before I was led to the spa room, I stood at the reception very much intrigued with the string of words in the brochure. It says "A marriage of tradition and escape, we invite you to dive deep into the turquoise ocean around the globe".

I was curious that I could barely wait to experience what 360 promises. 

360 Health Club and Spa at Oceanic Hotel
the ultimate relaxation spot at Oceanic Hotel

The husband and I were expecting to have a couples massage just like we usually do. However, ladies and gents receive spa treatments separately at 360. I was assisted to the Ladies Spa's waiting area while Ed was led opposite my direction. 

While waiting for my turn, I filled out a spa form with questions about skin allergies and some health conditions. It's great that they have it! It somehow made me feel secure that I'll be receiving a treatment specifically for me. After filling the form, I asked if I could use the sauna. Unfortunately, the staff said I couldn't as I should be in the massage room as scheduled. She added that I can go to the sauna after the treatment, but should be after taking 20 minutes rest. Well, lesson learned, I better come an hour early next time.  

sauna and steam room at Oceanic Hotel
Sauna or steam? Your choice!

I was tongue tied the moment the stepped inside the private spa room. It was overlooking the blue Indian Ocean. Wow! As soon as I went back to my senses, I began to think about my safety. OMG! What if I can be seen from the outside?! I asked Ms. Nova, the therapist, and she told me not to worry as the glass is tinted! 

view from the spa at Oceanic Hotel
the fantastic view left me speechless
360 promises a sensory experience 

I comfortably lay on the massage bed listening to the sound of serene ocean waves coming out from the speaker. My tensed muscles were gently unknotted and my mind was freed from negative thoughts. I was completely oblivious to everything for an hour!

It was the most special Swedish massage I have ever received. What makes it different from the rest? It's the use of warm oil and hot towels. While laying face down, my feet were cleansed with a moist hot towel and my back pain was relieved with the warm and long soothing strokes. While on my back, a roll of hot towel was placed on my nape. 

And right after the warmth, coolness took over. A slightly cooled massage oil was used, leaving my whole body refreshed and thoroughly relaxed! The treatment is nothing like the traditional Swedish massage. So, I guess that's probably the wonderful blend of tradition and escape at 360 Health Club and Spa! 
private massage room at Oceanic Hotel
In Oceanic Hotel's spa room, you'll most probably forget about the world!

My treatment ended with a pot of hot green tea. I asked if I could have it in the massage room as I wanted to stay a little longer; to appreciate the beauty of nature from the window with a more relaxed body and mind.

complimentary green tea at Oceanic Hotel
complimentary green tea after the very relaxing massage 

For prices and promotions, please check Oceanic Hotel's official website.

360 Health Club and Spa
Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa
Khorfakkan, Sharjah

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