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Sep 12, 2014

Goodbye Pink Polka Blog!

Today marks an important milestone in my blog life! 

I no longer have a pink polka blog! Say a big HELLO to a newly-polished Lady and her Sweet Escapes! 

This major revamp is the most drastic change I've taken in the blog world so far. The thought of having a new look made me giddy, but scared... really scared. I desperately wanted a website suited for everyone; gents included, but I'm afraid that the blog might lose its identity. 

Goodbye Pink and Polka!

Saying goodbye is bittersweet. It was after a whirlwind of emotions that I decided to take the big leap. A month before we celebrated the 2nd blogversary, I emailed Patricia of Fancy Girl Design Studio. Her creations are clean, subtle and impressive! Definitely what I wanted for my website!

When Patricia sent me the initial design, I was immediately blown away! She created this theme based on my preferences; drop-down menu for easy navigation, clean white background with a touch of pink and a lovely custom illustration she made herself for the header! She's a genius! Oh and not to forget, the homepage now has a fancy slider of featured posts. Check it out! Teehee! 

So, from now on, this is our; clean and chic, mobile-friendly, feminine but not so scary for the male specie (I hope!).

Surprised? There's more to come. Stay tuned! :) 

Feel free to share your thoughts on the blog's new look at the comment section below! 

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