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Sep 22, 2014

Fortnum and Mason Dubai: Afternoon Indulgence at The Parlour

What can make you happy on an excruciating summer day? If you ask me, I'd say ICE CREAM!!! :) So when an invitation that says "melt away your afternoon and create your own ice cream sundae" arrived in my mailbox, I immediately gave it my big fat YES! 

Honestly, my mind was all over the "create-your-own-sundae" thing and I didn't care about the rest! That's how crazy over ice cream I was. Blame it on the weather! Heheh! It was only a day before the event when I had the time to check the location map. It was then that I realized that the event I'm happily looking forward to will be at the glass-clad three-floor structure in the middle of The Dubai Mall and The Address Downtown. I have been eyeing on that pretty standalone structure ever since it was still under construction early this year! Little did I know that it is the home of Fortnum and Mason in the UAE! 

Fortnum and Mason is a luxurious shopping destination for the rich and the royals in the UK. It was established in Picadilly in 1707! That's more than 300 years ago! Today, Fortnum and Mason is a British Icon with branches all over Great Britain. The shop in Downtown Dubai is their first standalone store outside the UK.

Fortnum and Mason in Downtown Dubai

I dragged my husband, literally, to the event. Firstly, he is not into sweets. Secondly, he worked until the wee hours on that day. But obviously, the most supportive husband on planet Earth was left without a choice. Hah! :) 

When we went inside Fortnum and Mason, I kept my fingers crossed and hoped he wouldn't run away. The ground floor is a store of luxurious tea and coffee, biscuits and jams, candles and oils. In the first floor is the Tea Salon, and in the second floor is the pastel-toned and oh-so-girly The Parlour where the event was held. It was definitely not his kind of place, hence I was glad to see some men (the staff, the chef, the husbands) when we arrived.  

We listened to the interesting talk on Fortnum and Mason's history. Then, a staff came out the kitchen with a tray of The Parlour's famous Knickerbocker Glory in small cups. The dessert was first served in 1955 and eventually became an icon; the bestseller on the menu!    

Fortnum and Mason's knickerbocker glory
cute welcome treats: the famous Knickerbocker Glory in small cups

The Knickerbocker Glory has the finest layers of sweet treats! It has strawberry ice cream, pineapple, shortbread biscuits, meringue, whipped cream, popping candy, camomile sugar, fresh strawberries and orange blossom! Can you imagine the variety of textures and flavours? It is such a glorious treat to the sweet tooth!

The wonderful staff of Fortnum and Mason didn't only serve the iconic dessert, but also devoted some time to teach us how to make it! 

the chef making a knickerbocker glory
how to make a glorious glass of Knickerbocker Glory 
Knickerbocker Glory dessert
the end result: fancy layers of exquisite flavours

And then, the time of mix and matching came! 

I stood at the ice cream counter like a little child. The array of ice creams and toppings at The Parlour dazed me in the most pleasant way. They have the well-loved classic flavours as well as exciting and trendy ones. Good thing, the staff were there to rescue me from severe confusion. They offered some samples until I finally made up my mind. I decided to have scoops of Salted Caramel and White Chocolate, topped with passion fruit, strawberries and mango!    

Fortnum and Mason's ice creams
The Parlour's delightful array of ice creams
Fortnum and Mason's ice cream toppings
fruity toppings to mix and match with your chosen ice cream
Lady at Fortnum and Mason Dubai
that little girl in the ice cream shop :)

My chosen ice cream flavours went so well with the toppings recommended by the chef! The ice cream texture is so smooth. The taste is so exceptional that Ed and I raced to the last drop of melted ice cream in the bowl. I found it really funny when he asked me if I want to make another one! That's something big coming from a guy who's never into ice creams! :) 

Fortnum and Mason Dubai's ice cream sundae
the sundae I happily created
Lady at The Parlour in Fortnum and Mason Dubai
ice cream cravings deeply satisfied :)

Other than ice creams, The Parlour at Fortnum and Mason also serves savories like fish pie and crab sandwiches! Drool. Oh and you can have your morning meal overlooking the Burj Lake and Burj Khalifa at The Parlour too. They have breakfast and I bet it's good! 

a scoop of fine ice cream: 22 AED
a tall glass of Knickerbocker Glory: 130 AED

For more details on The Parlour, please check Fortnum and Mason's official website

Fortnum and Mason
Downtown Dubai
between The Dubai Mall and The Address Downtown

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